• Where can I buy Primula seeds?

    Please provide me with a source of primula seeds? Drumstick, cowslip, Japonica etc.

  • Help me to identify this plant

    Hello, Kindly assist me in identifying this plant. Is it an annual or perennial? Can it be grown from seeds?      

  • Deciduous or evergreen agapanthus?

    I bought an agapanthus in a pot from a roadside plant sale. From what I've read the wintering instructions are different for deciduous and evergreen varieties. How can I tell which type I have?

  • Seeding planting indoor

    I am a teacher and would like to show the process of growing seeds to blooming flowers indoor. Please advise the best choice of seeds that I can show to the students.

  • Spring flowering bulbs under evergreens

    Is there "any" spring flowering bulb that will do well planted underneath an evergreen tree in zone 5?

  • Calla lilies not blooming

    I have 20 calla lily bulbs and they refuse to bloom (for 2 years now!). some are in clay pots, some in sun, some in part shade, some in rich loam in garden where the dahlias are 10 feet high ...

  • Anemone plant ID?

    This plant has been growing in a shaded corner in the back of the garden that we moved into last year. Today I noticed that it has bloomed. What a nice surprise! Can you help me identify what it is? I ...

  • Inground pests destroying garlic cloves

    One of the items grown in my Toronto garden are garlic cloves. The last few years there is a worm (?), about the diameter of two needles, that eats the garlic leaving a brownish stain on the cloves. Eventually it ...

  • Rocket City Daylily (The Orange Perennial)

    I was wondering how to care for the foliage of this flower. Browsing through the Internet, the foliage are the "leaves" of the flower.

  • Growing onions from seed

    Hello,  I live in Owen sound, and have a vegetable garden. I've grown bulb onions for several years, and this year would like to collect the black onion seeds, and hopefully start them from seed next year. How do I do this?  

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