• Fritallaria meagris

    MY Fritallaria have produced big seed pods this year. Can I propagate from these seeds here in Toronto?

  • Germination of Tiger Nuts

    How do I germinate tiger nuts and can they be grown hydroponically? Saw a Toronto Botanical Garden video on You tube  in which Paul Zammit discussed growing Tiger Nuts, as part of a world plants series.

  • Seed identification

    My daughter got this package of seeds from a Cabbagetown garden tour. She doesn't remember what they are and I was wondering if you knew what they are and what to do with them. Thanks for your help

  • Ornithogalum

    I was given a small pot with one plant. Now that the flowers are faded, what do I do with the plant. Do I plant it outside, but bring in the bulb (I presume there is a bulb) at the ...

  • Elfin Thyme Seeds

    Where can I find seeds for Elfin thyme?  

  • Eremurus

    If I plant this strange 'fat spider' root (eremurus) in Toronto: 1. How deep do I plant it ? 2. Do I have to leave the shoot exposed to the sunlight (I have read this on the internet) ? 3. How do I ...

  • when and where to plant freesia bulbs

    I planted my freesia bulbs in May last year, hoping that they would bloom within summer, but they didn't. Some of them bloomed in the winter indoors, specifically in December!! My question is: Is it possible to plant them in late ...

  • Tulips without buds

    Some  tulips have come up this year with a lot of green leaves but without buds.  Are they duds or  should I leave them for another year?

  • When to plant root stock in Toronto

    I purchased some clematis, bleeding heart, ferns and astilbes as bagged roots a few weeks ago. They've been sitting in the house but are starting to smell. Is it too early to plant them in the garden now? Have I ...

  • (1) lettuce/kale (2) amaranth

    Q.1- I am growing romaine lettuce and kale indoors from seeds under the light, before I put them outside in the plot if weather permits. when the seeds germinated the leaves appeared on a long and quite thin stems that ...

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