• Starting a Garden in Winter

    I am a journalism student at Humber College working on an assignment on starting gardens in winter. Can someone provide information on this particularly the benefits of starting in winter? Also, I’ve heard that fruit trees in the GTA are ...

  • Shrub with seed pods

    I passed this unusual shrub on a recent walk in downtown Toronto. It had a profusion seedpods about 5 cm long, containing small, black seeds. Can anyone identify this ...

  • Growing ginger indoors

    Hi, Can I grow ginger indoors in Ottawa?

  • Deep Carmine Baby’s Breath

    What is the level of difficulty growing Deep Carmine Baby's Breath (Gypsophila elegans) from seed?  Zone 6b

  • Garlic

    I planted my garlic in mid October this year.  I noticed, because of the mild weather Toronto has experienced in November and December, my garlic is 6 inches tall already. What can I do? Should I mulch heavily to stop it from ...

  • Iris producing a bud in autumn.

    We live in Etobicoke.  The iris did not produce any buds in the spring but I noticed a stem and 3 buds about 4 weeks ago. What can we do to make this iris bloom in the spring?

  • Overwintering snapdragons

    I bought a box of snapdragons 3 years ago and wonder how to overwinter again this year. They have continued to flourish and even grow in some of the cracks of my stonework. Marian    

  • Amaryllis

    My plants have lots of leaves but no flowers, what can I do?

  • Is it Too Late to Plant Daffodils?

    I bought some daffodil bulbs at a cheap price. Is it too late to put them in the ground? What should I do?

  • Where can I buy Primula seeds?

    Please provide me with a source of primula seeds? Drumstick, cowslip, Japonica etc.

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