• Daylillies

    I always thought that a registered daylily should look exactly like the photo on the AHS website for example and not have any "imperfections." Is this true or am I expecting too much? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  • Shelf life for seeds?

    Recently, a food and wine pairing prompted me think that I need more spice in my life. Tasting a leek or chive stalk, remaining in the garden after I was going to mulch it over, made me reconsider vegetable gardening, in ...

  • Red inside stems of alliums.

    Hello! I'm curious what the red is/means inside the stems of my Alliums. PH balance? I felt bad enough cutting them down! Then it looked like they were bleeding. Thank you.

  • Starting Beet Seeds

    I have some beet seeds I'd like to plant. Should I start them inside first?  

  • Tiger Nut Germination

    Hi I would like to find out if tiger nuts still germinate if the are broken into small pieces. I would like to use tiger nuts as food for my koi fish (carp family); however, I want to keep the safety ...

  • Mystery Plant- Plume Poppy

    Hello master gardener, Do you know what this plant is in front of the hosta? I've attached a photo. Thanks.

  • Overwintering Summer Bulbs Without A Basement

    Can gladiolus, acidanthera (peacock orchid) and oxalis (shamrocks) be stored in a refrigerator crisper over the winter? I can put them in a paper bag with peat moss before putting it in the crisper.

  • Overwintering Bulbs in Planters

    I have a large canopy of cedar trees and wondered if I could safely put my pots containing bulbs under them for the winter. We have quite mild winters on Vancouver Island.

  • Daffodils not blooming this year!

    I'm calling for help, because none of my daffodils came up this year, and they've blossomed many years before. But I have never fertilized my bulbs. They're white, with a pink centre, and I've checked that the bulbs are still ...

  • Rhubarb rust

    Composted some infected leaves before I knew what it was. Can I use this compost in pots and containers without compromising the health of the plants, and/or spreading the disease

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