• Anemone plant ID?

    This plant has been growing in a shaded corner in the back of the garden that we moved into last year. Today I noticed that it has bloomed. What a nice surprise! Can you help me identify what it is? I ...

  • Inground pests destroying garlic cloves

    One of the items grown in my Toronto garden are garlic cloves. The last few years there is a worm (?), about the diameter of two needles, that eats the garlic leaving a brownish stain on the cloves. Eventually it ...

  • Rocket City Daylily (The Orange Perennial)

    I was wondering how to care for the foliage of this flower. Browsing through the Internet, the foliage are the "leaves" of the flower.

  • Growing onions from seed

    Hello,  I live in Owen sound, and have a vegetable garden. I've grown bulb onions for several years, and this year would like to collect the black onion seeds, and hopefully start them from seed next year. How do I do this?  

  • Collection of annual seeds?

    I live in the Colborne area of Ontario - zone 4/5 and would like to save seeds from my columbines and different poppies which seed themselves where they want to!! But I would like to have them come up where I ...

  • Fritallaria meagris

    MY Fritallaria have produced big seed pods this year. Can I propagate from these seeds here in Toronto?

  • Germination of Tiger Nuts

    How do I germinate tiger nuts and can they be grown hydroponically? Saw a Toronto Botanical Garden video on You tube  in which Paul Zammit discussed growing Tiger Nuts, as part of a world plants series.

  • Seed identification

    My daughter got this package of seeds from a Cabbagetown garden tour. She doesn't remember what they are and I was wondering if you knew what they are and what to do with them. Thanks for your help

  • Ornithogalum

    I was given a small pot with one plant. Now that the flowers are faded, what do I do with the plant. Do I plant it outside, but bring in the bulb (I presume there is a bulb) at the ...

  • Elfin Thyme Seeds

    Where can I find seeds for Elfin thyme?  

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