• Growing seeds indoor, Transplanting

    How many times do you transplant young seedlings like Swiss chard and little gem lettuce. They have been transplanted once and seem to need transplanting again

  • Corydalis plant

    Early spring bloomer, 8" tall, spreading. Thanks! This one has stumped me - it's from a listener to my radio show.

  • Where to Purchase Organic Ginger and Tumeric

    I have searched high and low. Do you know where I can buy tumeric rhizomes to grow in containers. I am in Toronto? What about organic ginger (I am afraid of trying to plant the imported supermarket variety).

  • Canna Lily Bulbs

    I live with south exposure on Lake Ontario in Bath. I took my Canna Lily bulbs out last fall. When can I plant them in my outdoor planters.

  • Saffron bulbs

    Hello Sir/Madam I am looking to buy some saffron bulbs (spice) I live in Ajax, Where and how can i get them. Thanks.

  • Lupins

    I am growing lupin seedlings under lights. When can they be planted out in South East Etobicoke? Can they tolerate light frost like pansies?

  • protection of spring blubs from polar vortex

    With the arrival of the polar vortex later this week, I wondered if I should cover young iris and daffodil shoots,some of which have recently bloomed. We live in the Scarborough Bluffs, and I thought to use some downed spruce boughs ...

  • agapanthus

    Hello where can I buy them in the Toronto downtown area?

  • Gladiolus Garden

    Hey, Toronto gardener here, aiming for an easy perennial garden that comes back year after year.  Gladiolus is a prime choice for me (low maintenance and beautiful, and I'm in a zone 5-6 area (Scarborough). As I am frequently out of ...

  • Will old seeds germinate?

    I have several packets in a tin of seeds, some of which were quite expensive.  I hate to throw them away.  Some are three to four years old. Any guidelines?

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