• Agapanthus

    These 2 plants wintered over and the corms have now risen from the soil. They have no energy and loll about. What to do - transplant perhaps?      

  • Dahlia Leaves Curling

    I started tubers indoors, green stalk is thick 5 inches tall but green leaves are curling under. I have watered.  

  • Growing from seed

    I started growing plants from seed about four weeks ago. The plants are now getting very large. I seeded tomatoes, zucchini, green and yellow beans, zinnia, marigolds and nasturtium. They are very leggy, did I start too early as the ...

  • Sowing bee friendly wildflower seeds

    Hello I'm hoping you can help me out. I have received seeds from Feed the bees.ca. It is my intention to create a bee friendly patch in my back lane. Last summer I removed all the rubbish and non-native and invasive plants.This ...

  • Seeding grass

    Hello, I am in Toronto, High Park area. Is it too soon to put out grass seed for long repair? I wanted to do it this weekend but I see the night temps are still quite chilly. I'm new ...

  • Spring bulbs, Daffodils and Tulips

    I've planted daffodils each year for the last 4 years. The first year, they look great; the second year, there are half as many and the third year they're often gone altogether. I have even less luck with tulips, many of ...

  • Early spring flower arrivals Chionodoxa

    These pale blue beauties arrived in my garden a few seasons ago and are spreading nicely..I did not plant them..can you identify please?thank you

  • What is this plant? – Lesser celandine

    This plant returns year after year and is slowly taking over the entire backyard. We did not plant it, but inherited it with the house. It has a small bulb attached to the bottom of it. How can I get ...

  • Planting Info

    When and how do I plant the tubers of the cyclamen hyderifolium. I gather in a moist part sun part shady location. Will they survive a Toronto winter?

  • When to Plant Onion Sets?

    I have a garden at the Leslie Street Allotment Gardens in Toronto. It has raised beds. Can you advise when is the earliest I could plant "onion sets"? Each year I start looking to buy the sets in late ...

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