• Classification of flower

    Hello, I attained seeds from your seed library however it did not make a list of all the seeds i attained. Could you please help in identifying this plant. Thanks

  • Looking for tree Seeds

    We Just moved to Toronto and would like to buy some tree seeds from the market. we need your help to find stores who sell tree seeds. my dad wants to try and see different types of trees, its kind of ...

  • Eremurus himalaicus

    I purchased 3 of these last year from B.C. They arrived quite late and planted early November. Of the 3 only 1 emerged and has done poorly. I've dug it out today and tuber looks okay so I've set it ...

  • Daylillies

    I always thought that a registered daylily should look exactly like the photo on the AHS website for example and not have any "imperfections." Is this true or am I expecting too much? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  • Shelf life for seeds?

    Recently, a food and wine pairing prompted me think that I need more spice in my life. Tasting a leek or chive stalk, remaining in the garden after I was going to mulch it over, made me reconsider vegetable gardening, in ...

  • Red inside stems of alliums.

    Hello! I'm curious what the red is/means inside the stems of my Alliums. PH balance? I felt bad enough cutting them down! Then it looked like they were bleeding. Thank you.

  • Starting Beet Seeds

    I have some beet seeds I'd like to plant. Should I start them inside first?  

  • Tiger Nut Germination

    Hi I would like to find out if tiger nuts still germinate if the are broken into small pieces. I would like to use tiger nuts as food for my koi fish (carp family); however, I want to keep the safety ...

  • Mystery Plant- Plume Poppy

    Hello master gardener, Do you know what this plant is in front of the hosta? I've attached a photo. Thanks.

  • Overwintering Summer Bulbs Without A Basement

    Can gladiolus, acidanthera (peacock orchid) and oxalis (shamrocks) be stored in a refrigerator crisper over the winter? I can put them in a paper bag with peat moss before putting it in the crisper.

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