• Trilliums and Sharp-Lobed Hepatica

    Is it ok to now plant trilliums and hepaticas that were bought at the North American Native Plant Society sale at the Toronto Botanical Garden last weekend? The trilliums are starting to open.

  • Hyacinths with Short Stems

    I planted hyacinth bulbs but the flowers come up very short. Do I have the bulbs planted too deep?

  • How to Multiply Hyacinth

    Hi Do hyacinth multiple by itself next year or I need to do something about it myself? if not then can you please tell me the steps and the time to do that? Thank you so much.

  • King Alfred Daffodils

    Can anyone recommend a spring blooming tree that blooms at the same time as King Alfred daffodils?

  • Amaryllis Planting in a Toronto Garden

    can an Amaryllis survive a Toronto winter? What secrets are there to make it bloom in the summer in the garden?

  • Tomato Plants

    hello, I have indoor tomato plants that have grown long and skinny ( my first time growing from the seeds). I now have re planted them into bigger indoor pots until I can plant in soil outside. How ...

  • Growing ( yummy ) Nectarines in Tropical Countries close to the Equator

    I bought some Mega Expensize & Ultra-Delicious Nectarines some weeks ago, ate them and collected the pits ( intentionally, to grow them! ) I live in the Tropics with Temperature of 30-31° C (average ) in sunny days ...

  • No Sign of Hyacinth Bulbs Yet

    I planted Hyacinth and Tulip bulbs last Fall.  I am starting to see signs of Tulips sprouting but no sign from the Hyacinth!!  I thought Hyacinths bloom before Tulips.  So I am afraid my Hyacinth did not make it this year.  I ...

  • Dahlias

    Hi there, I am just wondering being new to Flowers if I could grow my own Dahlias? We're hoping for a light pink and white. What we would need? Type of soil if specific? How long they would take to ...

  • Starting Stargazer Lily Bulbs

    Do I have to wait until after last frost to plant the bulbs outdoor? Also I want to stagger the bloom time of the bulbs so I will get flowers throughout the summer, can I stagger the planting time to ...