• Growing agapanthus

    Is it practical to grow agapanthus in Toronto area, either using a hardy species or by wintering it indoors?

  • Overwintering a canna lily

    Is overwintering a canna lily in a heated greenhouse a good idea?

  • Bonfire begonias in winter

    Do I need to lift the bonfire begonias in my outdoor garden for the fall and keep the tubers cool and dry until next spring? Or can I re-pot them inside and keep them going all winter?

  • Spongy bulbs

    I stored some lily bulbs and dahlia tubers over the winter. Some feel reasonaby firm, others feel spongy. Should I assume the spongy ones are dead and just plant the firm ones?  

  • Sweet potato vine tubers — can they be used?

    I just removed a sweet potato vine from a planter and noticed that there are many small tubers underneath. Can one hold these tubers over the winter and start new plants in the spring?

  • Starting seeds too early

    Hello. I started some seeds last week Wednesday and amazingly by Saturday, 3 days later I had growth!! However now I am worried they will grow too quickly. I used no fancy equipment, no additional light, just a plastic bag ...

  • Mallow seeds in lawn

    Will mallow seeds germinate beneath newly sodded yard?

  • Tulips not blooming

    I planted 100 tulips in a sunny bed in 2003. Last year, there were only 50 blooms and this year only 6! What's happening?