• Stokesia laevis (Stokes’ aster) seeds

    I am about to sow 8 seeds. One side was attached and the other is slightly pointed. Which one is the side to insert into the soil?

  • bulbs,leaving to wither or not

    Should I leave daffodil bulb leaves to wither or cut them off?

  • Can I transplant my tulips?

    Each year, I receive several gifts of potted tulips and I wait til the foliage is dead, then cut off the stalks and store the bulbs in the garage until fall when I plant them in the garden. The problem ...

  • What to do wih tulips/daffodils once flowers are finished

     What should I do with my bulbs and daffodils once they have finished flowering.  Should they be cut them down to base or let them wither to the ground?

  • Cold Protection for New Plants

    Location: I live near Scarborough Town Center. Question: I purchased some vegetable (Egg plant, bell peppers, sweet peppers, bitter gourd, tomatoes) and flower plants (Dahlias, Peony) and planted outside 3 at the beginning of May since the weather was nice. I ...

  • Fruit on Christmas cactus

    I have a Christmas cactus that blooms prolifically. Two years ago, after the bloom, the bulbous part of one of the flowers where it had attached to the branch never fell off. Instead it grew until it is about a ...

  • Amaryllis

    How do you save a spectacular Amaryllis and get it to re-bloom next Christmas?  

  • Germinating Alaskan Poppy seeds

    I am trying to germinate Alaskan Poppy seeds. It has been about a month. They are on a window sill. I'm watering them and nothing is happening. I have grown them before but started them about a month earlier this year.  

  • Grow lights

    You have suggested using 4' T% or 4' T8 fluorescent lights for seed starting. Please let me know how many tubes/bulbs you recommend in each set of grow lights. If I use one bulb/tube will it cover an are of ...

  • Spring Bulb Planting

    Our school, in Toronto, is planning a bulb sale fundraiser. We expect to end up with a large quantity of spring flowering bulbs for the students to plant. Should we plan to plant them this spring or wait until the fall to plant them?