• condo care for a canna lily

    Hi I live in Montreal.This is the first year that I've lived in a condo.I have no heated garage to store bulbs and rhizomes. I only have an unheated cement locker type storage area on the ground floor and a ...

  • Blooms on dahlias and hydrangeas

    My dahlias were very late blooming, we live west of Barrie, my friend in Wasaga Beach, her dahlias are beautiful - any suggestions would help. Also I have 2 hydrangeas and neither one have bloomed but are very healthy looking Help!!  

  • Replanting tulip bulbs

    I have acquired tulip bulbs that have been dug up. The flowers have dried out and the leaves are still green but wilted. How should I store them?  how to store them. Do I leave just leave them at this point or ...

  • canna lilies in winter

    I am wondering if I can just bring my canna lilies (planted in pots) inside for the winter, and use them as a house plant, then put back outside in spring?

  • Canna lilies winter care

    How can I overwinter my canna lilies?

  • Freesias slow to grow

    I planted my freesia bulbs in May (nearly 2 ½ weeks ago) and there is no growth yet; is this normal?

  • Relocating tulips that flower poorly

    I want to move tulips from my front yard to my backyard. They need rejuvenation as they have been in the same bed for a number of years. The flowers are now gone.What is a good time to move them and ...

  • Growing agapanthus

    Is it practical to grow agapanthus in Toronto area, either using a hardy species or by wintering it indoors?

  • Overwintering a canna lily

    Is overwintering a canna lily in a heated greenhouse a good idea?

  • Bonfire begonias in winter

    Do I need to lift the bonfire begonias in my outdoor garden for the fall and keep the tubers cool and dry until next spring? Or can I re-pot them inside and keep them going all winter?