• No Sign of Hyacinth Bulbs Yet

    I planted Hyacinth and Tulip bulbs last Fall.  I am starting to see signs of Tulips sprouting but no sign from the Hyacinth!!  I thought Hyacinths bloom before Tulips.  So I am afraid my Hyacinth did not make it this year.  I ...

  • Dahlias

    Hi there, I am just wondering being new to Flowers if I could grow my own Dahlias? We're hoping for a light pink and white. What we would need? Type of soil if specific? How long they would take to ...

  • Starting Stargazer Lily Bulbs

    Do I have to wait until after last frost to plant the bulbs outdoor? Also I want to stagger the bloom time of the bulbs so I will get flowers throughout the summer, can I stagger the planting time to ...

  • Starting Dahlia Bulbs Indoor in Spring

    I read that you should plant Dahlia bulbs until outside temperature reaches around 60F or about 16 Celsius. Can I get a head start by planting them in container indoor and next to the window?

  • Lilium Landini

    Hello there. Bought Lilium Landini bulb today, Mar. 9, 2018, from Toronto Walmart. In the instructions, it does not say when I should plant them. When I should plant them? Thank you.

  • Adding nutrients to established perennial garden

    We have a VERY full perennial garden in a southfacing position. I want to add nutrients to the soil this spring  to keep my plants healthy, without digging into the garden (I am afraid I will disturb the perennials roots). ...

  • ranunculus

    I've heard conflicting advise about when to plan ranunculus bulbs in Ontario. Should I start them in pots now (March) and put them in the ground at the end of May?

  • Lilium oriental hybrid

    Hello there I just bought Lilium Oriental Hybrid bulbs from Home Depot. 10/pag. It does not say it is fragrance or not. Do you know anything about them please. Here is the link of the manufacture. http://www.bulbsareeasy.com/view/plantdetails/138/35 Thank you so much

  • Creeping Thyme + Hyacinth

    Hi I have 2 questions. I live in Toronto. I planted Hyacinth bulbs last Sept. When these bulbs are going to sprout? I do not see any sign yet and we are in march 7. Also do you have any idea ...

  • Growing Hyacinth

    How can I propagate a hyacinth – thinks it’s a bulb or corm. How many pieces should he cut these into and when is the best time. I see plants on sale now in full bloom, should I buy them.