• Lilium oriental hybrid

    Hello there I just bought Lilium Oriental Hybrid bulbs from Home Depot. 10/pag. It does not say it is fragrance or not. Do you know anything about them please. Here is the link of the manufacture. http://www.bulbsareeasy.com/view/plantdetails/138/35 Thank you so much

  • Creeping Thyme + Hyacinth

    Hi I have 2 questions. I live in Toronto. I planted Hyacinth bulbs last Sept. When these bulbs are going to sprout? I do not see any sign yet and we are in march 7. Also do you have any idea ...

  • Growing Hyacinth

    How can I propagate a hyacinth – thinks it’s a bulb or corm. How many pieces should he cut these into and when is the best time. I see plants on sale now in full bloom, should I buy them.

  • Winterize Banana Corm

    Hey This was my first year storing Banana plant(matured 8ft tall) in dark cold cellar. In june, i found stem got brown and mushy so chopped it to the corm. The corm is hard and size of a soccer ball....wondering if ...

  • Hydroponic Tulips

    I received a bouquet of hydroponic tulips and I am wondering if I should dry them out and plant them in October and will they come back. Should I let them wilt in the water or take them ...

  • Seeds

    In cleaning up for the new year I have found in used seeds some have a plant date and others don't. Can these seeds be used?

  • Will Rats Eat Bulbs in a City Garden?

    To my horror I recently spotted a rat in my townhouse garden, a first in thirty years of living here (North York). I have followed all the hints on the internet (no food or water, clean up leaf debris, etc.) ...

  • Tulip and Allium Bulbs

    Please help! Last summer I dug up my tulip & allium bulbs as they were not producing well anymore. A lot of the bulbs that I dug up were well formed but undersized. Some were normal size and had flowered ...

  • Bulbs and Tubers

    I was wondering where the best place to buy bulbs and tubers online from, i'm looking for more of the exotic type flowers that bloom all summer long. What are your favorite Canadian companies to order from?  

  • Beechnut

    Hi! I found these seed pods all over my driveway and was wondering what they were/where they came from? I believe they came from the tree pictured, but we've never seen them before. We've lived in our house for 30 years ...