• Hyacinth Vines + Seed Collection

    I planted some hyacinth vines in my garden this year and they are now producing seed pods. Do I pick those pods now and dry them indoors or wait until they wither on the vine ?

  • Lupin Seeds

    Last year I germinated lupin seeds and successfully planted them, They were admired by all and everyone around. This year I guess I did a very big mistake. I germinated the seeds that I collected with different colors from friends this August. If ...

  • Creeping Thyme Seed

    Four times since the middle of May I have mixed Creeping Thyme seed with fine sand, spread and gently raked it in bare soil in a small area exposed to full sun. It has received plenty of water this year ...

  • Animals Digging Up Irises

    Hello, We have had our irises almost completely dig up. Can you tell from the below photos if it is possible to save and transplant them? Also how can I prevent this from happening again? We have lives here 6 years ...

  • Papaver Seeds

    I'm looking for papaver poppy seeds, where can l get it l leave in Mississauga

  • Stargazer Lily Buds not Opening

    The stargazer lilies have these buds for 2-3 weeks now and they are not changing colour and not opening. A couple of the smaller plants have a few dried leaves. 2 of the smaller buds also dried up and fell ...

  • How to Prune Dahlias

    Where should I cut my Dahlia flower to encourage new buds? There are 2 smaller side buds next to the main flower?

  • Gladioli Without Buds

    I planted these Gladiolus since end of April. There are no flower buds and the leaves stop growing. Also there are so burnt and brown marks at the tips of some leaves. Not sure what's going on with my Gladiolus.

  • Milkweed Seeds (Planting)

    Dear Sirs, I have harvested some milkweed pods last fall and want to plant them in my backyard located in downtown Toronto. What is the best way to go about it? The pods look well, they are dry and seeds can ...

  • Reblooming Iris

    I would appreciate advice about how to make my reblooming irises rebloom.  They did not rebloom last year. Spring blooming is finished.