• Repotting huge jade

    I have to repot my huge jade plant, can you give me some tips? Current pot is 14 inches, should I go to a 16 inch pot or larger? What kind of soil should I use?

  • Too much Water in a water table?

    I noticed that the foundation in my garage is cracking over years, including puddling. Could over-watering a garden contribute to this, when that water is not absorbed by the soil of the garden and plants? If the water table is ...

  • Tomato and Pepper plants indoor dieback

    Last year when I was starting peppers and tomatoes in an indoor electrically lighted/heated area when I experienced a big yellowing phenomena in primarily tomatoes and peppers. My watermellons also suffered, but I think I started them too early, so ...

  • Mulch as snow melter?

    Mulch as Snow melter I have a 60 foot long 2 ½ foot wide concrete pathway bordering my back garden, leading to a laneway and garage. The path is full of packed snow. Since I have 125 litres of ...

  • Direct seeding in spring

    Hi! When is soil generally considered "workable" in Toronto? Thanks!

  • Compost Tea

    I have a question about compost tea. I used compost tea to water my basil last summer. The leaves turned yellow and fell off. What did I do wrong? Was the tea too strong? Is there a recipe ...

  • My money tree is dying

      What. Can I do to save my money tree? Lately it’s been losing leaves. They turn yellow/brown and fall off. Some have yellow spots too. One of the braids on the trunk is yellow and drying out. ...

  • Planting Water Lilies

    I have sprouted water lilies from seed, but have not found clay /heavy soil. Please advise what soil and planter to use for indoor water garden.

  • Citrus Peels in Compost

    Is it okay to put citrus peelings into my compost?

  • Sheet Mulching

    Hi! I want to get rid of sod in my backyard and am considering the sheet mulching technique. Is it too late to start this in mid-November? Thanks! Amy

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