• Planting Water Lilies

    I have sprouted water lilies from seed, but have not found clay /heavy soil. Please advise what soil and planter to use for indoor water garden.

  • Citrus Peels in Compost

    Is it okay to put citrus peelings into my compost?

  • Sheet Mulching

    Hi! I want to get rid of sod in my backyard and am considering the sheet mulching technique. Is it too late to start this in mid-November? Thanks! Amy

  • Dead Locust Leaves

    Do dead locust leaves mat down or do they decompose? Can I use them on my gardens over winter?

  • Digiplexis- Pest infestation

    I have two digiplexis plants. They are not hardy here. I've had them for 3 years. This year they were infested by house flies when I had them out in the garden. I don't know where the house flies lived before ...

  • Star Magnolia

    Hi! I just bought a magnolia shrub from Home Depot, it is 2 ft tall, says on the label, star magnolia. I am very excited, to plant in the front of our house, a city property, by the side ...

  • New soil in raised garden before winter

    I have just built some raised garden boxes and I’m wondering if I can put potting soil in them now and leave it over the winter or leave them empty until spring.

  • Worm Castings

    I usually use various types of compost (especially shrimp and seaweed) and use different parts of the garden to compost in place when space becomes available. There are earthworms all over the place because of the huge amount ...

  • Hoya Flowering?

      I have had a Hoya plant (see photo, looks healthy / keeps growing) for 6~7 years, started with a stem cut. But it has not had any sign of flowering. I had it indoor until about a ...

  • a fungus amongus?

    Hi there, After planting four herbs in a container, I noticed a white growth starting to form on the top of the soil. I believe within a day it turned a weird tan color. Are the herbs safe ...

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