• Beautiful lot, ravine designation, too many weeds!!!

    Hi! Well, I am already crossing my fingers and saying my prayers that your expertise and knowledge will be able to guide me in reshaping, retaming, revamping and enhancing the landscaping ...

  • Worms in the garden

    I just re-did my yard and my landscaper talked me into putting 16 inches of new soil in the beds - all the old soil was removed - we were well into the clay layer. The new soil is a ...

  • Follow up to previous post ” the garden that doesn’t thrive”

    Wouldn't taking a soil pH test be the first thing to do before you destroy a tree?

  • Garden Soil Test

    I am a resident of Toronto and I would like to test my vegetable and garden soil. Can you please provide me with information on where to go for the test. Thanks

  • Leaf mulch

    I was going to make some leaf mulch with the leaves that I've gathered from my front yard. I was going to layer the leaves with city compost (5 '' of leaves to 1/2" of compost) in a large old ...

  • Leaf mulch

    This past winter I used fallen leaves to spread over my flower and shrub beds as mulch. It doesn't look very attractive now. Should I remove it entirely or just some of it and add in some other type of ...

  • Muck soil — can it be amended? what will live in it?

    I've had a soil test done on a section of my garden that is damp and where everything I plant dies. The results show the soil texture is muck. All I can find about muck soil is that the organic ...

  • Gypsum under spruce tree

    Can I safely use gypsum under a Spruce tree to help break up the existing soil (hard packed clay now) before tilling in compost and new topsoil?

  • Compacted clay soil

    I have mostly clay soil in my front and back gardens and despite amending it for the last couple of years and adding mulch in the spring and fall I still find after our long winters the soil hardens and ...

  • How can I get my soil tested?

    I have moved to a new home and would like to know about my soil. Is there a place I can send samples for testing?