• Landscaping/Creating Privacy in Clay Soil

    I live in a 10 year old subdivision 90 min N- E of Toronto. (50 km North of Lake Ontario).  The back yard faces the West and is approx 60' wide X 30' deep. (width goes along back of house ...

  • Container Gardening Soil Disposal

    I am a container gardener with a focus on edibles (herbs,vegetables) etc.  I need to change my soil this year and I'm wondering if there is a pick-up service?  I don't drive or have access to a car and I ...

  • Ornamental Grasses and Shrubs – Full Sun Hot Yard

    Oakville – backyard – 10-12 hours a day full sun – blazing hot in the summer What (if any) ornamental grasses, shrubs, flowers that are perennials do well in low grade (clay escarpment) soil and full sun all day long?

  • Hay Versus Straw for Mulch

    Under the perennials section at your Garden Guide link for cleaning up for fall, it states that hay can be used for mulch. Isn't hay used for horses, and straw for mulch? http://www.torontomastergardeners.ca/gardeningguides/putting-the-garden-to-bed-a-toronto-master-gardeners-guide/

  • Clay Soil

    Hello, I live in a house in Toronto with clayey soil. Recently some workers were burying a line and had to dig down about 3-4 feet, and they seem to have left the lower down soil on top. I have ...

  • Soil Preparation and Planting

    Hello, I'm inquiring about proper soil preparation for planting the following: 1. yew hedge 2. japans maples 3. bobo hydrangea, 4. japanese blood grass, all gold hakoni grass, sunrise hosts, peonies, clematis etc. Our soil is layered as follows: 1. 5"- 9" of fresh triple mix on ...

  • Hicks Yew Hedges and Baltic Ivy

    Hi, We have a garden designed by a landscaper which calls for: 1. a 1ft tall yew hedge 2. a 3 ft tall yew hedge 3. a 4-5ft tall yew hedge - but want it to be not 3ft thickness, looking for a skinnier ...

  • Planting Perennials

    I live in downtown Toronto. The side of my house faces southeast. During the summer the brick radiates heat. I bought echinacea & Black-eyed Susan. I will plant them in dry/clay soil (I have topped it with black soil). Once ...

  • Misshapen Carrots

    In our community garden plots alot of carrots are misshapen. Our tomato plants also had brown leaves and branches after first fruit although some new growth with tomato came back.

  • How to Fix Clay Soil

    Hello, my backyard is full of clay soil, how can I fix it? I was thinking of mixing compost and fine sand into the soil to improve the soil condition and drainage.