• Orchid Bark Mix for Repotting

    Hello TMG, I'm so glad this site exists. I am having some trouble finding orchid bark mix to repot two of my phalaenopsis orchids. All of the major stores I go to (Canadian Tire, Home Depot) seem to have the soil ...

  • Cedar Trees

    My cottage is located at Amberley on Lake Huron - between Kincardine and Goderich. We sweep cedar "needles" together with sand from our decks. Would adding this sandy mixture to our vegetable garden in Listowel Ontario be a good idea?

  • Fungus on Mulch?

    Overnight the yellow fungus? appeared on new mulch under 2 similar plants. Do you know what it is and how to eliminate it?

  • Japanese Ivory Silk Tree

    One yr old tree that had a rough start last year due to low rainfall.It lost all its leaves early.It managed to survive but did not produce any flowers this year.It doesnt seem to be qrowing mucn and my main ...

  • The Right Amount of Compost

    I would like to know if there is a maximum amount of compost that can be safely added to garden soil. I am particularly interested in transplanting rhubarb.

  • Pothos Plant

    Hello! I have had a pothos plant in my bathroom for about 15 years but, due to neglect, it has declined to the point that there is one stem left with two leaves on it. It is barely holding on ...

  • Soil for Container Gardening?

    I live in a condominium in downtown Toronto. The landscape company installed triple mix into 2 cubic ft. containers. We are planning on growing perennials like Japanese maple, lily, etc. And annual flowers and vegetables. I think the soil is ...

  • Fertilizing Emerald Cedars

    Should we avoid throwing clumps of phosphorus-heavy fertilizer around the root stem of our six-foot cedars? I say yes and my husband says no, because of the big silver maple nearby is "choking the roots" and the "cedar needs something ...

  • Mulch from Branches

    We want to make our own mulch-we have a chipper but we aren't sure what branches make the best mulch-I have heard cedar can have termites

  • Ukigumo Maple – Wilt ?

    Toronto part shade/sun 4/5 foot high japanese maple planted 2016 Ugi Gumo Its problem appears to be WILT. What can be done to save the tree?