• Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’

    I am considering planting 2 Pyramidal European Hornbeam for the purpose of screening. I am getting conflicting opinions regarding planting time. Which is optimal, spring or autumn? How far apart should they be? I live in Oakville Ont. Thank you

  • Ailing Corkscrew Hazel

    I have had a twisted or curly hazel in my garden for about 6 years. Starting last year it began to drop leaves and did not grow much this year. There were few branches with leaves and root stock suddenly ...

  • Sick Crabapple Trees in Toronto

    I was away during the summer and when I returned, two weeks ago, I noticed that a crabapple tree on my front lawn (Leaside) has little foliage (it was normal in May) and the trunk has holes in it made ...

  • Pruning Beech Hedges

    We planted a row of 7 beech hedges, 7 years ago. They seem to be doing well, however are reaching for sunlight because they are partially overshadowed by a larger maple. Of course we would like them to grow together ...

  • Apple Tree not Fruiting

    Hello== I live at Sauble Beach. Since I moved here 8 years ago, an apple tree in the front yard has never produced a blossom and therefore, an apple. It gets very little sunlight, which I think is the problem. I ...

  • Hydrangea

    Hello, Is a Hydrangea Paniculata the same as a Limelight Hydrangea? If not, what are the differences? Thank you, Lina

  • Sick Cherry Tree

    Good morning, I live in Milton and we have some fruit tree, apple and cherry trees that are not flowering. I have taken some pictures to see if you can help us. Thank you

  • Plant ID

    Hello, Kindly assist in identifying this plant. Thank you, Lina.

  • Fruit Trees not Bearing

    My pear tree and my plum tree did not produce any fruit this year.  I self pollinated them, saw some fruit in June.  I came back in July to find no fruit. Is it the ground hog living in my ...

  • Cherry Tree Health in 2017

    Hi - I have a mature Japanese Cherry Tree in my back yard - it'd be close to a 2 foot diameter at 3 feet off the ground. This year it started dropping leaves beginnin in June and has continued everyday ...

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