• Saucer magnolia care

    I have a 30 year old saucer magnolia. This year sticky white patches grew all over its branches, dripping wet sticky substance. What are they and how do I get rid of them? As the tree has grown too big ...

  • Sucker roots on apple tree?

    We recently planted an apple tree (2yrs old, I think). I've been reading about sucker roots possibly growing from the scion, if you bury the graft when planting. I can't tell if this is what's happening to our tree or ...

  • Plant /grass disease

    I live in S/W Mississauga (Clarkson). Last week I noticed the leaves on my Black Beauty Elderberry were turning black. I cut off all branches that were effected and sprayed it with Horticultural Oil Insect Spray. I'm not sure if ...

  • Rose of sharon

    I live in the toronto Beach area. My backyard is on the west side of the house. Last year I created a garden bed that is 30 inches by 84 inches. The bed is enclosed by a driveway and stone ...

  • Magnolia scale

    Our magnolia tree is infested with magnolia scale. Can I hire a licensed company to apply a systemic soil drench such as cygon 2E? In the past , I have tried spraying the scales off with a power sprayer, but ...

  • Tree care

    I have noticed sawdust at the base of a tree in our front yard. There also is sap running from very small holes throughout many branches.What should I do? I am located in Toronto. I'm unsure of the type of tree.

  • Tree as a gift

    Any ideas on where to buy a 100 year old tree as a gift? The recommended type would be great as well. It can be anywhere from small to 6+ft in height ... I am in Downtown Toronto.

  • Yew

    I have a yew in my shade garden. Shrub was planted last spring and didn't grow much last summer. This year it has put out a lot of new growth and ...

  • Maple tree seed

    Hi I am from Mexico, and in vacation in Toronto, I am looking for maple tree .

  • Bark damage to eastern redbud

    Hi, I have an Eastern Redbud, the wind broke off 2 large branches, is there anything I can put on the tree to protect it from the elements as the bark is torn away. Thanks,

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