• Overwintering Emerald Cedar Tree in a Pot

    I live in Northern Ontario. Can Emerald Cedar tree survive in it's pot over the winter and how should I winterize the tree. If the tree will not survive, what should I do to until I can plant it in ...

  • Camperdown Weeping Elm

    Leaf Miner and dead branches pruned out. Always used Cygon 2. Think no longer available. 2 methods add ring around trunk or my choice was TSP full around the drip line spaced out. 1 Tea spoon of Cygon for every ...

  • Annabelle Hydrangea Pruning

    Hi Master gardener, i'm still not clear if I should be pruning them to the ground this fall Many thanks Candace

  • Staking Rhododendrons

    Our new Rhododendron garden is in a pretty windy patch of the garden and is it possible to have someone help us with the staking and covering them for the winter? we live in Mississauga .

  • Espalier Training of Ornamental Pear Trees

    I seem to have acquired a Bradford Flowering Pear. It is young, potted and pliable with several decent branches; the height is as yet only 6ft. I like many of the attributes of this tree, however I worry about it's ...

  • Pruning Lavender

    Hello! I live in Leaside, Toronto and I planted five English Lavender plants in my raised bed in the late spring this year. I cannot take a photo of them to attach to this, but they are rather flat on the ...

  • Fast Growing Tree

    We have a huge west facing front lawn which needs few fast growing shade giving trees. The house is in mid Toronto (Dufferin and Lawrence). What is your advice? Thanks, Mara

  • Limbing a healthy tree

    We have a 25-year-old crimson king maple tree, about 30 feet tall, in our Toronto back yard. Should all trees be limbed from time to time to keep them healthy? If so, what is the best time of year?

  • Soil preparation and Planting

    Hello, I'm inquiring about proper soil preparation for planting the following: 1. yew hedge 2. japans maples 3. bobo hydrangea, 4. japanese blood grass, all gold hakoni grass, sunrise hosts, peonies, clematis etc. Our soil is layered as follows: 1. 5"- 9" of fresh triple mix on ...

  • Limelight Hydrangea

    I am looking to find out, should I be cutting back my hydrangea to the crown at in the fall or waiting until spring? I had lots of lovely blooms this year, it is about 4-5 feet tall.

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