• Help for my Hibiscus

    My Hibiscus has grown quite wild and I want to find out if there is anything that you can recommend to bring it back to a proper size and actually flower again. Will pruning and transplanting help? Is this the ...

  • Pear Rust

    How to prevent pear rust from happening each year? Is there chemical spray can be use before it starts. If so, when can I spray? Also how to prevent decease on leaves of plum trees that make leaves curled with millions ...

  • Out of Control Cotoneaster

    I have a cotoneaster plant that only has shrub at the top of the bush. The rabbits ate the bottom portion off. I read somewhere that you can pretty well cut the cotoneaster plant back down to the ground and ...

  • Plant ID Purpleleaf chokecherry

    Please identify this shrub growing in a sunny location. The foliage is dark green on new growth, turning to a dark burgundy in the spring, summer and fall.

  • Oak Leaf Hydrangea Pruning

    I have a oak leaf hydrangea that needs pruning. I’ll be away until early April. Is there any problem with pruning it now? I’m in Toronto by the way.    

  • Willow Tree

    The tree in our yard lost 2 large limbs in recent wind storms and the limbs and the exposed heart or centre of the trunk were hollow! Some say all willows are hollow and this is why they loose limbs ...

  • Landscaping/Creating Privacy in Clay Soil

    I live in a 10 year old subdivision 90 min N- E of Toronto. (50 km North of Lake Ontario).  The back yard faces the West and is approx 60' wide X 30' deep. (width goes along back of house ...

  • Bark Damage to My Young Dawn Redwood

    A few days ago, I noticed that most of the bark of my twenty foot Metasequoia glyptostroboides had been stripped off from the ground up to about 4'.  Footprints in the freshly fallen snow indicate that it was likely deer.  ...

  • Ornamental Grasses and Shrubs – Full Sun Hot Yard

    Oakville – backyard – 10-12 hours a day full sun – blazing hot in the summer What (if any) ornamental grasses, shrubs, flowers that are perennials do well in low grade (clay escarpment) soil and full sun all day long?

  • Pruning Overgrown Globe Cedar

    We have some overgrown globe cedars that need pruning badly.  They are currently blocking our front door and we are worried about security.  Any ideas on how we can cut these back.  We are in Western Canada, zone 4A. See attached picture:

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