• Pear tree after pruning

    The pear tree in my backyard is at least 30 years old. I had it pruned for the first time ever, by an arborist, two years ago. There were signs of small scale trellis rust. The tree flowered nicely last ...

  • What is this plant?

    I live in East York, part of Toronto. clay; dry; full sun Currently this plant is 5 inches tall. I hope that I have attached a photo. Thank you! Jennifer

  • Bosc Pear Tree

    Hi, I'm curious what time of year my pear trees will stop showing blossoms. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  • Hydrangeas and winter kill

    My Endless Summer hydrangeas appear to have had their stems go dead. They are growing from the base of the plant. I live in Oshawa. The plant gets morning shade and afternoon sun. They were planted last year. I mounded ...

  • Privet hedge

    Have a privet hedge which has surrounded the house since the early '50s -some bushes need to be replaced ie between some existing bushes Live in the Kingsway area of west Toronto -where are some places. I could purchase bushes -looking for reasonably small ...

  • growing Dog Wood trees in Toronto

    Do you think it's challenging to grow beautiful Dogwood trees in Toronto? I would love for it to look like this particular one. https://www.fast-growing-trees.com/WhiteFloweringDogwood.htm  

  • hydrangea tree prunning?

    tree was planted August 2014 by a friend in honor of my husbands passing two months prior. This tree has lots of sentimental value and I am desperate to see it bloom again. It Was prunned slightly each year in ...

  • Young Apple Tree – New Leaves Deformed

    My young apple tree-Golden Russet (B9)- has deformed leaves emerging that are also wilted at the edges. Also split bark on one of the twigs. Diagnosis and remedy? - Picture attached. Eric Krueger.

  • Amelanchier canadensis

    Hi, I have another question about this plant. I would like to plant one at the back of my house, south facing, full sun. My garden plot is 8 ft ...

  • Amelanchier canadensis

    Sheridan is selling this serviceberry and the tag states "plant two to ensure pollination". However on the Plants for a Future website, it states that the plant is self-fertile and flowers are hermaphrodite. If only one ...

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