• toronto tree

    fast growing grows BIG and wide doesn't lose needles /leaves in winter good for privacy partial sunlight can u pls make a suggestion

  • Japanese Maple

      My Japanese Maple  leaves seemed to shrivel up last year.  The tree has buds this year.  It is  planted near to a Black Walnut. Could that be the problem?

  • How to force magnolias stems

    How can I  force magnolias stems?

  • Scale on bay laurel

    In the house I have a Bay Laurel tree that is about 24" tall and it's showing signs of scale. I submerged the plant upside down in a 5 gallon pail with water and detergent and it seemed to get ...

  • Pruning floral fairy roses

    Hello I was wondering if all these dead leaves will fall off this rose bush or should I take them off. There are buds everywhere. I will prune some but wondering if ...

  • Pruning Gooseberry

      My gooseberry did not have much fruit last year. Also how do I correctly prune it?

  • Maple Tree in Backyard damaged via storm

    Back in february we had a major snowstorm that broke three branches from our tree. These area major part of the tree. The buds are still coming out of them. Is it possible to graft it or tape it up ...

  • Hydrangea Types

    Could you explain the difference between the types of hydrangeas? I am confused as to which is a PeeGee, an Annabelle or a Limelight? Are they all the same variety just different colours? If you can direct me to a ...

  • When to Prune Oakleaf Hydrangea

      I have a 7 ft tall Oakleaf Hydrangea Hedge that has become too large and wide at the side of my driveway. It is obstructing getting the car into and out of the garage. When can I prune it? It ...

  • Cherry Tree Disease – Canker

    I have a cherry tree (Stella).  Its 14 years old and I've found out it has canker.  One is pretty significant and another two are on the branch collar of the lowest branches.  Can you tell me what I should ...