• European Green Beech

    I am trying to purchase and have planted 6-8 of the above trees - 10'-12' in height. Any recommendations for a nursery that can do this?? Thanks

  • Tree Health After Paving

    Hi - I recently renovated my backyard and now I have stone pavers/mulch surrounding my 2 trees. It wasn't until I finished it that I read about 'mulch volcanoes' and keeping the root flare exposed. I tried to dig as much ...

  • Hydrangea leaves stuck with insect inside.

    Just read about hydrangea leaves like pods stuck together with insect inside. Have cut them all off and disposed. This is 2nd year for this problem. Is there a way to prevent this occurring next year?

  • Peach Trees

    I have two old peach trees on my property (my guess would be between 30-35 years old). I live in Kelowna B.C. and have a lot of peaches on my trees. One year I thinned them very early, ...

  • What hedge to buy

    I would like to plant a non-toxic hedge about 2 mètres high max, 1metre wide, screening, some sun but mostly shaded area, good drainage soil. What do you suggest?

  • Strange tree

    Hi, This tree just started growing in my backyard (I didn't plant it). Can you please tell me what it is? Should I remove it? Thanks

  • Yellow spots in cedar and juniper

    I live on Lake Superior near the Minnesota border. I live on an ancient Stoney beach with sparse topsoil amended in places. This is a first that my cedar and junipers have ...

  • Worms in Cherry

    Can you please help me ?

  • Ailing Weigela

    Hi, this weigela used to be so full and lovely, now there are many dead branches. It gets more sparce each year. I had cut back branches from another tree above it ...

  • Tree Identification

    Good Morning, Could you help to figure out what kind of the tree (as attached) is? I try to buy a similar one for my backyard. Thanks Ren