Getting rid of gout weed


I wonder if there is any way to eradicate gout weed. There was a huge bed of it when I started gardening in my front yard. I have dug it out many times but it is tangled with other plants and it is hard to get it out, and it seems so hardy. is it best to clip it back even if one can’t get all roots? Is it better to do this than get some of the roots?any other suggestions?



Goatweed reproduces mainly by rhizomes and seeds. The network of roots easily gets mixed with other plants making its eradication more difficult. As you may have experienced already, leaving as little as 1” of root behind can produce a new plant.One way to deal with perennial weeds that storage energy in their rhizomes, is to starve them and to reduce their photosynthetic process. Mulching the area after you have clean it up will help reduce the amount of light the plant can get. It also makes it easier to pull as they will stick out. Clipping is better than nothing but will need to be done constantly. This is a weed that you can keep under control but it make take few years of careful cleaning before you can get rid of it, particularly if the roots are entangled with good plants.