• Help with plant identification

    It is an annual, we collect the black seeds in the fall and plant the following spring. thanks in advance for your help

  • Please help

    Hello, Please help me in identifying this plant (See attached picture). Also, can dalias been grown from seed? Thank you.

  • Heliotrope

    I planted heliotropes in my containers this year for first time. They bloomed and I have cut off the spent blooms but will it rebloom? I have not seen any new buds yet. The leaves are turning brown now.

  • Recommendation for Annuals

    In my west facing front garden bed, I have several shrubs, including Peony and Weigela.  In the gap between the two, what 3' annual can I grow for colour

  • Petunia

    I planted petunia in my garden bed but it is not as lovely as the hanging baskets I live in the downtown areas of the municipalities. What do I need to do for that lush look? Deena    905-886-4356      

  • Morning glory mystery

    Hello there: For several years I've had a vexing problem growing morning glories. I buy the seeds for the 'heavenly blue' variety. Soak them overnight, plant them in a sunny southern spot where they grow vigourously. But when they open their ...

  • Vines with No Blooms

    Hi there, I'm growing morning glories and sweet peas from seed this year. I've got good looking vines but not flowers as of yet. I planted the seeds in late my or maybe even the first week of June due to ...

  • gerbera daisies

    I live near Newmarket ON and planted red gerbera daisies. Once the initial blooms were done I have not seen any new buds, suggestions?

  • Impatiens mildew – will it spread to other plants?

    Can the mildew that affects impatiens plants read to other plants in my garden ? We mistakenly planted one sunshine impatiens plant in a planter of its own and it was doing very well until the other day. Although we ...

  • What annual to plant under Basswood tree

    Have small sized basswood tree in front yard. What annual would be best to plant under this tree, as has a fair amount of sap. Lots of black ants attracted to it. Have not had much success with annuals in ...

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