• Sweet Peas and Christmas Cactus

    1. Can I plant sweet peas in the ground now?  I have not had luck with them in the spring. 2. My Christmas cactus is not blooming.  Someone told me I need to starve it by not watering it in August ...

  • Butterfly/bee gardens

    Would conditions in a small churchyard in downtown Toronto be suitable to attract butterflies and bees? The space faces north, is bordered by buildings on three sides and a busy road on the fourth, and gets about 3-4 hours of ...

  • Name this flower please…

    Hello, Kindly identify this flower please. Does it do well in planters? How long does it bloom and in which months does it bloom? Thank you.    

  • Bringing Annuals indoors

    When should my container plants and herbs be brought indoors?

  • Solanum

    I wish to overwinter a solanum rantonnei standard that is presently planted in a flower bed. Please provide information regarding: cutting back, temperature, sunlight, soil moisture, and other relevant information. Thanks!

  • Green leaf

    Hello, What is the green leaf in the planter in the attached photo called? Thank you, Lina.

  • When to plant Calendula seeds

    When should I plant calendula seeds, in the spring or the fall?

  • Help with plant identification

    It is an annual, we collect the black seeds in the fall and plant the following spring. thanks in advance for your help

  • Please help

    Hello, Please help me in identifying this plant (See attached picture). Also, can dalias been grown from seed? Thank you.

  • Heliotrope

    I planted heliotropes in my containers this year for first time. They bloomed and I have cut off the spent blooms but will it rebloom? I have not seen any new buds yet. The leaves are turning brown now.

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