• Overwintering Caladium Bulbs

    How can I save my caladiums as I have no space to store them indoors.  I tried to bring them indoors but by the time spring comes around they are all dried up.  Is there anywhere I could save the ...

  • Blooming times for daffodils and tulips

    Hello, I'm hoping you can provide me with some information about blooming times for daffodils and tulips in outdoor flower gardens in Toronto. Specifically, when do daffodils typically start blooming (is it mid-April?) in Toronto? And when do they stop blooming? Secondly, when ...

  • Easter lily

    Is it practical to regrow an Easter lily in Toronto and vicinity? I just dumped it out of the pot. The top now looks more or less dead but it has about 15 or 20 healthy-looking bulbs of various sizes. It did ...

  • Will our squirrels eat gladiolus buds?

    There are many squirrels on my apartment building's grounds here in downtown Toronto. They have eaten easter lillies before they even got a chance to bloom. I planted some gladiolus bulbs recently (apparently white with red centres).  They're coming up ...

  • Removing tulip bulbs after blooming and replanting in fall

    I was told that one should take out the bulbs after they have bloomed and died down and replant them in the fall of that year, in order for the plants to bloom the next spring and come back the ...

  • Sources for Caladium bulbs?

    Hello, for the past three years I have purchased caladium bulbs from big box stores in bags of 15 for about $12 but I don't see the bulk bags anywhere this year in the GTA (checked over 12 places) . ...

  • tulips and daffodils that did not bloom

      She has two bunches of tulips that did not bloom and one bunch of daffodils that only produced one bloom. What is wrong? Is it worth keeping them?

  • What is this flower?

    Found on my walk yesterday in someone's yard. London, Ontario.    

  • Rhododendron

    How can I prevent squirrels from eating the flower buds? And while I am at it, they are also eating the tulips just below the flower - is there anything (humane) I can do about this?

  • Why Isnt My Amaryllis Flowering?

    Why a potted amaryllis only sends up leaves and not flowers. This is the second year this has happened. Following Sonya Days instructions from The Real Dirt, Toronto Star, which she follows precisely.

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