• My 25 yr old English Ivy looks dead

    My English ivy of 25 years looks brown and dead, a little green growth but not much. What should I do, wait, feed?      

  • Pinching off new clematis

    Hello, I planted 2 clematis vines last year, a Nelly Moser and a Niobe. Both plants had only a single vine growing, so once they were about 16" tall, I pinched them off just above a pair of leaves. I was ...

  • Ivy

    What kind of Ivy is growing on the exterior of Havergal private school in Toronto?

  • Climbing plant for trellis/pergola on balcony

    Hi, I am moving to a row townhouse in May located in Mississauga (Zone 6a) with a walk out balcony having a trellis/pergola type structure (pic attached) on it facing North. The floor of the balcony is wooden. What kind of ...

  • Winter prune of wisteria

    Stratford Ontario. When should I winter prune in this cold climate? Is April 1 too late? I have pruned in Sept. for the fall.

  • Wisteria

    Our wisteria covered our balcony railings. We had to have our balcony and railings replaced and while this was done the wisteria was successfully propped up on a 12foot pole. Now the railings/balcony are almost finished. We wondered if it ...

  • Wisteria

    I live in a small community just north of Montreal near the Ontario Border and I have a vigorously growing wisteria vine which started flowering this year.  I am concerned whether the vine will do damage where it has attached ...

  • Climbing Surfaces for Climbing Hydrangea

    Hello There, I would like to know if a climbing Hydrangea would be able to grow up a wire mesh or chain-link fence for example. I am aware that they are root climbers that usually adhere to wood or masonry walls ...

  • How to protect plants during fence construction

    I am having a fence rebuilt in the next couple of weeks. The Contractor says he will have to walk all over the planted area. I am particularly worried about a clematis and a honeysuckle. How can I protect my ...

  • Silver fleece

    I removed a Silver Lace from a garden but left some roots. I know it is a Polygonum species, is it like Japanese knotweed?

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