• Crown gall in Euonymus

    Hello, I have a Toronto garden (part sun, ammended sandy loam, irrigated) that I planted with Euounymus coloratus several years ago. It was badly infected (and I mean BAD) with crown gall, so I have removed it...at least 250 sq. ft. ...

  • Please identify this weed like vine..

    Hi there, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could please ID this pervasive plant. Found in backyard, becomes very leafy, and the vine coils around any plant/tree that it comes near. Backyard formerly had a grape vine (which we ...

  • planting schedule

    Please advise when the following should be planted -- early in the spring or after May 24th? - euonymus - iris - perennials - Boston ivy Thank you!

  • My 25 yr old English Ivy looks dead

    My English ivy of 25 years looks brown and dead, a little green growth but not much. What should I do, wait, feed?      

  • Pinching off new clematis

    Hello, I planted 2 clematis vines last year, a Nelly Moser and a Niobe. Both plants had only a single vine growing, so once they were about 16" tall, I pinched them off just above a pair of leaves. I was ...

  • Ivy

    What kind of Ivy is growing on the exterior of Havergal private school in Toronto?

  • Climbing plant for trellis/pergola on balcony

    Hi, I am moving to a row townhouse in May located in Mississauga (Zone 6a) with a walk out balcony having a trellis/pergola type structure (pic attached) on it facing North. The floor of the balcony is wooden. What kind of ...

  • Winter prune of wisteria

    Stratford Ontario. When should I winter prune in this cold climate? Is April 1 too late? I have pruned in Sept. for the fall.

  • Wisteria

    Our wisteria covered our balcony railings. We had to have our balcony and railings replaced and while this was done the wisteria was successfully propped up on a 12foot pole. Now the railings/balcony are almost finished. We wondered if it ...

  • Wisteria

    I live in a small community just north of Montreal near the Ontario Border and I have a vigorously growing wisteria vine which started flowering this year.  I am concerned whether the vine will do damage where it has attached ...

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