• Cabbages are not forming heads

    My red and white cabbages are not forming heads and I would like to know why.

  • Billberries

    Hello, I am in Toronto, Ontario, and have been trying to grow billberries from seed. I purchased seeds from horizon herbs. They send the seeds in the dried berries. I have tried to freeze the seeds, soak the seeds, and plant them ...

  • Sunflower Maintenance and Roses

    We have a lot of large sunflowers that look like they’re done for the season.  Do I just cut them down at them down, I assume I have plant new ones next year? In addition, when do I ...

  • Bringing Annuals indoors

    When should my container plants and herbs be brought indoors?

  • Chigago Hardy Fig tree

    I planted a Chicago Hardy Fig plan in June of this year, and it has grown to about 2 1/2 feet high. It looks like growth stalled a month or so ago, or earlier. I have been reading conflicting opinions on the ...

  • Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (Cornus mas)

    Hello For long time I am looking for Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (Cornus mas) tree to plant it on my backyard. I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter. Please let me know me if you know where I can find it. Thank ...

  • Organic Garlic

    Where can I buy organic garlic for planting, is it different then what we buy for consumption?

  • When should I bring green tomatoes inside to ripen

    What temperature requires me to bring my green tomatoes inside to ripen?

  • Green house plastic covering

    Hi there. I live in the Toronto (East York area) and I am looking into trying to extend my winter garden through the winter months. I have a couple of raised beds that will hold some of the more hardy vegetables ...

  • Why vegetables are not growing well in raised beds?

    I have been growing vegetables in large corrugated metal containers for three years. This year I added a bag of worm castings to the soil in each of the five containers. However, several of the leafy vegetables seem to have ...

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