• Bringing Annuals indoors

    When should my container plants and herbs be brought indoors?

  • Chigago Hardy Fig tree

    I planted a Chicago Hardy Fig plan in June of this year, and it has grown to about 2 1/2 feet high. It looks like growth stalled a month or so ago, or earlier. I have been reading conflicting opinions on the ...

  • Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (Cornus mas)

    Hello For long time I am looking for Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (Cornus mas) tree to plant it on my backyard. I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter. Please let me know me if you know where I can find it. Thank ...

  • Organic Garlic

    Where can I buy organic garlic for planting, is it different then what we buy for consumption?

  • When should I bring green tomatoes inside to ripen

    What temperature requires me to bring my green tomatoes inside to ripen?

  • Green house plastic covering

    Hi there. I live in the Toronto (East York area) and I am looking into trying to extend my winter garden through the winter months. I have a couple of raised beds that will hold some of the more hardy vegetables ...

  • Why vegetables are not growing well in raised beds?

    I have been growing vegetables in large corrugated metal containers for three years. This year I added a bag of worm castings to the soil in each of the five containers. However, several of the leafy vegetables seem to have ...

  • White Mould

    Today I discovered white mould on my butternut squash leaves. They are next to our tomato plants. I live in Toronto and the garden gets full sun most of the day. How do I get rid of the mould? Tear ...

  • blk spots on tomatoes

    please look at the pictures and tell me what the black dots are that on on my yellow grape tomatoes...I origianlly thought spider poop but some of the tomatoes are on the outside of the plant

  • Looking for Lettuce and Herb Plugs in AUGUST!!!

    I am starting a hydroponics business and we find ourselves in August wanting to plant about 400 plants.  Various herbs and lettuces.  We don't want to start them from seed and so we are looking for plugs or small plants.  We ...

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