• We’ve been given a large terrarium – how do I set it up?

    A large terrarium has been donated to the Broadview Housing Gardening Committee.  Any references, books in particular that you can provide on what soil to use and what plants are nest suited to terrariums would be appreciated.  

  • Coffe Grinds in the Garden Bed

    I would like to plant vegetables and would like to know if I can add coffee grinds to the soil.  

  • Growing tomatoes, pepper and herbs in a condo

    I live in a condo that receives a good amount of light and would like to grow tomatoes, peppers and herbs indoors.  Please advise me on what supplemental lighting is required and how I should set it up.  

  • Dwarf Shrub Suggestions

    We had two junipers on each side of the walk up to our covered front porch but removed them as they grew too tall and wide.  As such, we are now looking for replacements.  The space is about 3 feet ...

  • Black Spots on Chanticleer Pear

    My ornamental pear tree, which I think is a Chanticleer, developed black spots on its leaves last year.   The tree is about 25 feet tall.   What can I do about this as I don't want to lose the ...

  • My potted Rex begonias are overgrown

    I have 3 varieties of Rex begonias in pots, which they're now growing out of.  The stalks are almost bare of leaves, except at the ends.  And there are stems, or branches, growing out of the soil. My poor begonias ...

  • My orchid leaves are drooping !

    Oh my goodness ! What a pleasure to be able to call, and ask a question about my indoor garden! My problem is that all the leaves on my orchids are limp and drooping. I keep them in pots that ...

  • Planting Forced Daffodils and Hyacinth in the Garden

    I was given some forced daffodils and hyacinth bulbs and was wondering, now that they have finished blooming if they can be planted back into the garden or should I throw them out. Will they re-bloom?

  • Can you help us with our science project?

      We are doing a science project to see what effect worms have on a pea seedling growing in a pot. Can you tell us:                     What size pot we should use? ...

  • Rose bush: Pope John Paul II

    Hello, I'm working on a memory rose garden, for my sister, which includes some of my father's roses, and I have space for another plant. Could you please tell me if this rose is for sale in Toronto?  Would it be ...

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