• Are these perennials or annuals?

    Calamint Blue Cloud Sweet Alyssum Boxwood Mini Petunias What season do they grow?

  • I would like to buy maple tree seeds, and how do I grow them?

    I'm looking for maple tree seeds that will grow year-round.  Thank you for your help.  

  • Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD)

    I have an  infestation of SWD. Can you please advise: 1.if soft fruit that is infected with larvae can be eaten after treated with salt water soak 2.how best to keep population down without using pesticides  

  • Weeping Crimson Queen Japanese Maple with lots of dead branches

    I live in Toronto and I do not know if my eight year old Weeping Crimson Queen Japanese Maple is dead or alive. We wrap it in burlap over the winter but the ice storm must have affected it. For ...

  • Creeping vines

    I have a lovely vine coming over the fence from my neighbour's property. Looks like grape leaf.  It goes everywhere and I have been cutting it back so it won't strangle my plants.  Am I being overly cautious?

  • Recommendation for Annuals

    In my west facing front garden bed, I have several shrubs, including Peony and Weigela.  In the gap between the two, what 3' annual can I grow for colour

  • Petunia

    I planted petunia in my garden bed but it is not as lovely as the hanging baskets I live in the downtown areas of the municipalities. What do I need to do for that lush look? Deena    905-886-4356      

  • Clematis climbing up a tree

    I have several clematis. At least one is climbing up a cedar tree and I am wondering whether it can harm the tree.    

  • Astilbe

    I have two patches of Astilbe.  One is under a Japanese Maple and doing well.  The other is in a border right up against a cedar hedge and next to a hydrangea which is doing fine.  This one is not ...

  • Lilac ‘Palibin’ not blooming

    My Lilac tree (Syringa meyeri 'Palibin') is not giving much bloom and I wonder whether to take it out completely.  I measured the circumference of the tree and it is 7"

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