• Dark Blotches on Pothos Plant

    I have dark blotches on my Pothos. It is in front of a large window and I don't over water it. What is wrong with it?    

  • Woody Coating on Easter Cactus Leaves

    I have a very old Easter Cactus. Many of its leaves have developed a woody coating. I have tried to propagate new plants, but eventually they also get it. How can I get rid of it?    

  • Fertilizing Tree Peonies

      When should I fertilize my peonies? They are like shrubs, so are probably tree peonies.      

  • Peony shrubs in winter

    I live in Toronto. Do peony shrubs need to be covered in winter with burlapor can they be left to the elements?    

  • 10 foot tall Palm trees with drying, dark brown leaves

    I have a pair of ten foot tall Palm trees that were delivered 2 months ago. Prior to having them, the plants were abruptly moved from a spring/summer outdoor setting to an indoor storage room for an extended period of time after the possibility of having ...

  • Separating gladiolus bulbs

    I have just taken bulbs from my garden that are part of the Gladiolus family. I need to know before I put them away for the winter if I am supposed to separate the bulbs now or when I go ...

  • Dahlia tubers

    Last winter I put my dahlia "bulbs" in my cool room and they dried up.  What am I doing wrong?  Do I moisten them or put them in soil? Please let me know as I don't want to loose them.

  • Wisteria

    Our wisteria covered our balcony railings. We had to have our balcony and railings replaced and while this was done the wisteria was successfully propped up on a 12foot pole. Now the railings/balcony are almost finished. We wondered if it ...

  • Cattleya orchid not blooming / how to rebloom Kalanchoe

    1. I have a Cattleya orchid which I have been attempting to rebloom for 5 years.  Every summer a flower spike shoots up.  The flower pod opens and the bud attempts to open but it turns black and withers.  Help please? Also, 2.  How can I ...

  • Frangipani tree has bugs; will cutting it back affect blooming next year

    There are bugs on my Frangipani tree and I'm cutting off the tips with a knife to get rid of them.  Having done this, will I get blooms this coming year?

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