• Moving Echinacea

    When can I move my echinacea from ground level to a roof top garden?  

  • Orchid infected with virus?

    What is wrong with my orchid? Orchid leaf is limp with large brown/black spots on a yellowish portion of leaf. Leaf is gradually turning brownish from green.  

  • Protection of early spring flowers and plants during freezing temps

    I have a lot of early tulips and early spring plants coming up in my garden. How can I best protect my early spring flowering bulbs and other tender garden plants during weather fluctuations or freezing temperatures?      

  • Tomato recommendation for Mississauga resident

    I'm interested in growing tomatoes this year and I heard that its best to choose a tomato that is locally grown in the local area one is living in to ensure hardiness and good yields. Is this true and what varieties of tomatoes ...

  • Roses for a beginner

    I have no experience with roses and I would like them in my front garden surrounding a blue spruce. Is there a variety that is rich in colour, has lots of blooms, and is easy to maintain?

  • How do we plant and grow Dutch Hybrid Iris here in Ontario?

    I just bought some perennial iris bulbs, and there's about an inch of growth from the leaf blades. Should I plant them indoors and then outside, or just plant them outside right away? It doesn't say what to do on the ...

  • Compost Tea

    I'd like some information on making and using Comfrey compost tea and Dandelion compost tea.  I talked to my local garden centre but they had not actually ever made compost tea.  I want to fertilize my home garden with as ...

  • Lawns

    How do I go about seeding a white clover lawn along with grass seed?  

  • Roses – black spot prevention with dormant spray

    Hello, every year my rose leaves develop black spots. I am careful with my watering and remove the diseased leaves and also feed my roses during the summer. I would like to take steps to prevent the start of black ...

  • Repotting Croton Indoors

    I have 3 Croton in an 8 inch pot.  Since the ice storm (Dcember 2013), they have started to lose their lower leaves. Should I repot them in a deeper pot so the extra stem is not showing and just the ...

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