• Using Annabelle Hydrangea in arrangements

    I'd like to know how to bring a flowering stem of Annabelle Hydrangea into the house and condition it to be used in an arrangement so it does not droop.

  • Raccoon feces

    We have a little garden on our deck, with vegetables, flowers and trees. A raccoon is eating the plants and has recently started pooping in the planters.  We know about safe removal techniques, but wonder whether the feces will affect ...

  • Overgrown Wisteria on Pergola

    I live in Toronto. I have an 8 yr old wisteria that has been pruned twice a year - July and October. It has not flowered for the last 2 years since I moved into this house. I keep cutting ...

  • When can I transplant Hostas ?

    I have three small hosta plants, and one very large one  that really needs to be moved. When is the best time to transplant them and how should I do it?      

  • Can I grow lavender in a container on the wall of my balcony?

    Can I grow lavender in a container on the wall of my balcony?  If so, what type of soil should I use?

  • Do I need to prune my 12 year old grape vine?

    I have a 12 year old grape vine that shades the patio in my back yard.  It has produced fruit for 11 years and then last year the grapes all turned black and fell off.  I can see that it's ...

  • Weeding question

    Please suggest ways to get rid of weeds growing in a pathway, without using a synthetic weedkiller. I've heard of homemade concoctions that might work ?

  • Pruning Weigela

    It's now early July, and my weigela bush has finished blossoming. Can I trim it back now? Or leave it?    

  • How to save Euonymus with Winter Damage

    Question: I have a  euonymus  (the large leafed silver-green  and gold-green) which I have grown quite tall.  During the winter it lost  half its  leaves from the bottom to the middle on almost three quarters of the plant.The top was ...

  • Roses not budding out yet, why?

    I have four 3-year old  rose bushes, which are growing in full sunlight. I just water them regularly and they seem to be fine and healthy. But this year only one is showing any signs of flower buds. What is ...

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