• Bearded iris not returning after one year

    I planted two bearded iris two years ago, and one last year. None of them have come up this year. What could be the problem? Should I try again with new plants?

  • Should I deadhead my lilac flowers after they have finished blooming?

    Should I deadhead my lilac flowers after they have finished blooming?    

  • Elfin Thyme Seeds

    Where can I find seeds for Elfin thyme?  

  • Community Garden – Wooden Boards for Soil Erosion and Soil for Raised Beds

    In the community garden there are some people who are putting wooden boards around their gardens.  Aside from it being a safety risk, people are saying the wooden boards stop soil erosion.  Is this true or not? I don’t think it ...

  • Lilac blooms

    I am looking for directions on how to cut lilacs and put them in vases without having them wilt.  I tried hot water but it didn't seem to work.  Maybe the water was too hot.  Some suggestions would be greatly ...

  • Peculiar Fungus on my Junipers

    I'm phoning for some advice on a very peculiar fungus growing on my junipers which is rusty in colour.  It started out as little pebbly dots.    

  • Native Plants

    I'm with the Gardening Committee of my co-op and I have been asked to research information on native species - perennials and annuals, if they exist.  Where would you suggest I start my search?  

  • Yellowing Emerald Cedars

    I planted emerald cedars last year and this spring/late winter they started turning light green, then yellow and browning at the bottom. They were planted with topsoil and mulched and I'm watering them.  What is wrong?

  • Propagating a rubber plant

    I would like to propagate a piece of the stock which has broken off my rubber tree.  It is currently in water with some stem root.  How should I proceed?

  • Best time to plant tomatoes outside

    When is the best time to plant tomatoes outside?  

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