• Planting a lilac

    When is the best time to plant a lilac on the west facing side of my home?

  • Black walnut and raspberries

    My neighbours have a 35 ' Black walnut (Juglans nigra) tree that I believe is affecting my once flourishing raspberry patch, which has been in decline for about 8-10 years. Is this tree the likely cause for the decline and ...

  • When is the best time to get rid of wasps on rooftop?

    We've had wasps on our rooftop for several years in a row. We've had exterminators in to get rid of them, but they still come back every year. We'd prefer to use a natural method if possible. When is the ...

  • Gardening guides in other languages

    Hamilton Community Garden Network is updating our website. We would like to have more language diversity in our resources. Do you have any gardening guides/information in languages other than English -- such as Mandarin, Arabic or Spanish?  

  • Head of the Toronto Bonsai Society

    I have lost track of Jim who was head of the bonsai section of the Toronto Japanese Garden Club.  I can't remember his last name. Can you find this information for me?      

  • Can I plant my cannas, callas and dahlias now?

    Although I usually wait until May, I'm wondering if I can plant my canna, calla and dahlia bulbs now, since the weather is so warm.    

  • Spring care of Junipers

    Caring for juniper trees and shrubs in the spring When this spring do I remove the burlap I have put around juniper trees and shrubs and when do I fertilize these junipers? I have also been given conflicting info about what ...

  • Hedges for Alkaline Soils

    We have been trying to grow a hedge in alkaline soil in Bowmanville to no avail for several years and would like some advice on what kind of plants do well as hedges in alkaline soil.    

  • Rabbit raisins on my back patio

    This past winter I've had rabbits taking shelter on my back patio, and of course there are rabbit raisins everywhere. Can I just sweep them into the garden?  And dig them into the soil?  Will they damage anything? Thanks for giving ...

  • Orchid infestation

    My orchid seems to have white bugs/white fluff all over it -- what is the solution for this infestation?    

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