• Grub Control

    Hi there, I am looking for safe and effective ways to control grubs. Apparently chemical based grub killers have been banned in Canada so I am looking for alternatives (natural or otherwise). Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Big-root geranium / cranesbill

    At the Home & Garden Show I got some excellent advice from a master gardener at a MGO booth about several plant choices for a difficult shady area (short strip adjoining interlocking patio, and with tree roots running through it). ...

  • Lawn care

    Dear Sir/Madam, in my condo complex, the landscaping contractor is using very strong blowers to clean the gardens. Is it bad for the grass not to mention environment? Our grass seem to be thinner every year and after each cleanup ...

  • Plants that will survive sunflower seed hulls’ toxicity

    My feeder hangs in a lawn of mostly white clover. Is there a perennial, especially a ground cover, that would survive the toxic effect of sunflower seed hulls? If not, is there any other perennial that would do so?  

  • Can I put fertilizer on my lawn shortly – the ground is still frozen.

    Can I put fertilizer on my lawn shortly - the ground is still frozen.  I live in Etobicoke, Ontario

  • ground cover that can be cut down as I have young grand-children

    Yard size, 25 deep 65 wide Two big beech trees heavy shade with little direct sunlight can grow grass in spring but gone by mid summer slight grade in yard looking for a ground cover seed that might work unless you have a better idea. Live ...

  • Mulching a Garden For the Season

    My mother adored her garden and the visiting occasional exotic bird along with the regulars - squirrels, birds and unwelcome cats and racoons.  She passed away last fall, and I’d like to skip the year of gardening or more.  It will be ...

  • Sick of Repairing Lawn Every Spring

    One of the Master Gardeners at Canada Blooms suggested I contact you regarding my problem. I have moles (at least creatures that live under ground) and make holes all over the lawn and flower beds, in the front lawn only.  We ...

  • Earthworms

    I live in Toronto. The sun seems to shine brighter for the backyard grass because the backyard grass grows one inch in 5 days whereas the front lawn grows at about half that height. I don't know what type of grass I'm ...

  • Ice melter (salt) – safe for grass?

    Is the above item safe for grass? I have read that calcium-based ice/snow salt is safest, but I'm asking you because you are the expert.

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