• Ferns for shade and loamy soil

    I am looking for ferns that thrive in mostly shade, in loam. Could you tell me what variety I need and where I can buy them in Toronto?  

  • Elfin Thyme Seeds

    Where can I find seeds for Elfin thyme?  

  • Fiesta weed control – is it safe for the bees

    My husband wants to use Fiesta weed control on our lawn. Their website says its environmentally safe but I'd like to have non-bias opinion regarding it's safely for the bees, please.

  • Road salt resistant plants

    Have planted grass to the edge of pavement on a Town street. Each year a 2′ strip does not regrow except for weeds. Can you recommend a ground cover that could withstand what I suspect to be a problem from ...

  • Yellowed grass, nitrogen burn and alkaline soil

    My lawn is yellow and I wonder if this is because I over-fertilized it in the fall (i.e., too much nitrogen?).  I replaced the soil and sod 2 years ago and the lawn looked OK for awhile, but then I ...

  • front lawn

    Hi Masters, put in new sod on new soil on our front lawn two summers ago. Old lawn was developing too much thatch. Perhaps over fertilized it since it started to yellow within a few weeks. Ever since it has ...

  • Grub Control

    Hi there, I am looking for safe and effective ways to control grubs. Apparently chemical based grub killers have been banned in Canada so I am looking for alternatives (natural or otherwise). Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Big-root geranium / cranesbill

    At the Home & Garden Show I got some excellent advice from a master gardener at a MGO booth about several plant choices for a difficult shady area (short strip adjoining interlocking patio, and with tree roots running through it). ...

  • Lawn care

    Dear Sir/Madam, in my condo complex, the landscaping contractor is using very strong blowers to clean the gardens. Is it bad for the grass not to mention environment? Our grass seem to be thinner every year and after each cleanup ...

  • Plants that will survive sunflower seed hulls’ toxicity

    My feeder hangs in a lawn of mostly white clover. Is there a perennial, especially a ground cover, that would survive the toxic effect of sunflower seed hulls? If not, is there any other perennial that would do so?  

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