• Gardening guides in other languages

    Hamilton Community Garden Network is updating our website. We would like to have more language diversity in our resources. Do you have any gardening guides/information in languages other than English -- such as Mandarin, Arabic or Spanish?  

  • raised beds

    I live in Scarborough, Ontario. I would like to garden this year with raised beds. Kindly give me some contact addresses of people/ shops who sell raised beds or raised bed components cheaply. I visited some stores but they are ...

  • Urban Raised Garden Beds

    Hello, My family and I would like to build some raised garden beds in our yard and attempt an organic garden this year. We were wondering how large the garden beds could be before we would need to secure them with ...

  • Neonicotinoids in plants

    The nurseries I have visited this spring seem unable or unwilling to disclose which plants have been treated with neonicotinoids. I understand the conflicts of interest they are experiencing but would rather grow nothing than attract pollinators to be harmed. I ...

  • Head of the Toronto Bonsai Society

    I have lost track of Jim who was head of the bonsai section of the Toronto Japanese Garden Club.  I can't remember his last name. Can you find this information for me?      

  • Mulching a Garden For the Season

    My mother adored her garden and the visiting occasional exotic bird along with the regulars - squirrels, birds and unwelcome cats and racoons.  She passed away last fall, and I’d like to skip the year of gardening or more.  It will be ...

  • water catchment mosquito free for small garden

    please can you recommend a small mosquito-free water catchment system for a small back yard.

  • Flower identification

    tell me the name of this flower.

  • Equisetum Hyemale (Scouring Rush) for GTA pond

    Hello, I've seen this at the Toronto Botanical Gardens and it looks beautiful. I was hoping to add it around my backyard pond just north of the city but I cannot find them for sale. Any advice? And I plan on having ...

  • Sanitizing plant pots: what is the best way?

    Thank you for your advice about how to deal with my plant, which had a very bad infestation of scale, and which I decided to simply throw it out, plant and soil... but would like to keep the pot. Is ...

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