• gardening shelved for 2014

    A family crisis caused me to let the garden go this summer. There are several rose bushes, peonies, mums, flox & hostas which have been neglected over a small area of 100 square feet, although the entire backyard of 450 ...

  • Exotic Species in Toronto

    I am doing a research project for a botany class and I am required to look into an exotic plant species which has been introduced in the past 5 years to the GTA. Lo and behold after a long search ...

  • Zebra Grass

    Wondering about how invasive Zebra grass is in the garden. Also, question about garden design principals.

  • Mystery red plant – Sunderland Ontario SOLVED!!

    Hi, I had sent a request in about a week or so ago about a mystery red plant growing in my field. I was asked to send in better pictures along with more detailed information. Height is 27 inches Leaves are smooth ...

  • Growlight Garden Indoor Seedling System

    Sorry - Should have submitted a picture of what I have in mind to purchase from a Toronto Gardening shop See: http://www.westcoastseeds.com/productdetail/Gardening-Supplies/Seedling-Lights/Growlight-Garden/#sthash.6ygTbu0R.dpbs

  • Can anyone identify this translucent garden slug?

    Hello We took this photo of what appears to be a completely transparent slug on a leaf of the burning bush in a garden in Uxbridge, Ontario Canada. The leaves of this tree aren't large, so the "slug" is about 1 ...

  • Are these perennials or annuals?

    Calamint Blue Cloud Sweet Alyssum Boxwood Mini Petunias What season do they grow?

  • Propagation of stag horn sumac

    We live in Oakville and have a beautiful sumac that has a couple of suckers. Can I separate these suckers and move them to another location in our backyard?

  • woodland plant

    I came across a small plant in the woods of Haliburton Highlands, Ontario, the entire plant is white and grows in clumps. It has a thick white stock (much like asparagus), about 6-8inches tall, with small white bell like flowers ...

  • Using Annabelle Hydrangea in arrangements

    I'd like to know how to bring a flowering stem of Annabelle Hydrangea into the house and condition it to be used in an arrangement so it does not droop.

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