• Propagation of stag horn sumac

    We live in Oakville and have a beautiful sumac that has a couple of suckers. Can I separate these suckers and move them to another location in our backyard?

  • woodland plant

    I came across a small plant in the woods of Haliburton Highlands, Ontario, the entire plant is white and grows in clumps. It has a thick white stock (much like asparagus), about 6-8inches tall, with small white bell like flowers ...

  • Using Annabelle Hydrangea in arrangements

    I'd like to know how to bring a flowering stem of Annabelle Hydrangea into the house and condition it to be used in an arrangement so it does not droop.

  • Cactus

    Our cottage on Georgian Bay has sandy soil and I wondered if there are any types of cactus that would survive the winter? Would there be any alternative type of plant to use in this setting, please. Thank you

  • Never owned a garden – help with a very small plot please!

    We have purchased a condo with a small garden area. Over the summer plants have grown but we're unsure of what they are and the area looks very messy. The stone slabs are also receding into the soil. We receive ...

  • How to prune weeping mulberry tree

    Hi, I have two mulberry trees that flank a walkway. They are 7 years old and growing well. However, one has grown lovely and weeping " in control", while the other ...

  • Beach Bluffs garden help suggestions for person with heart operation

    Do you have any recommendations for gardeners in Beach Bluffs area? A heart operation has limited my gardening abilities, and I need help with pruning and perennial garden upkeep.    

  • Tree of heaven – Ailanthus altissima

    I read the article on how to get rid of Ailanthus altissima from one's garden. I also have a big problem with this tree because two neighbours have mature specimens that drop a huge number of seeds on my garden ...

  • What are these plants?

    I have been letting two plants grow in my shade garden and no amount of googling is helping me identify them. I certainly did not plant them. They are near the ...

  • Design query for a narrow path

    My parent has an old garage, with a pathway to a laneway in the shadow of the attached picture, bordering the neighbour’s garage wall, where I'm decluttering. How do I landscape an area that is barren, so it doesn’t look so ...

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