• Boneset

    Where can I buy a Boneset perennial for my garden. I live in Toronto

  • Perennial Flower Identification

    Can you please help identify these flowers that grow every year in my backyard in Toronto? They are in full bloom on July 5 when this picture was taken. There is one flower on each stem. They are about 1.5 ...

  • What is it? Growing among Sedges, but has Grass characteristics?

    It is a light green and soft to touch. The stems grow along the ground, and not up. The stems have alternating leaves and seed head also appears like a grass, It is spreading from above the soil, and not ...

  • Overwintering Hardy Camellias in Toronto

    Hi, I bought several hardy camellias (2 ft to 5 ft) this Spring. I planted them in the pots for now. Do you have any suggestions to overwinter them in Toronto? BTW, I saw there are lots of flower buds now. Thanks ...

  • Astilbe

    I have two patches of Astilbe.  One is under a Japanese Maple and doing well.  The other is in a border right up against a cedar hedge and next to a hydrangea which is doing fine.  This one is not ...

  • Fallopia japonica ‘Variegata’

    Can this plant become invasive like the plain green leaved japanese knotweed?

  • How to “correct” daylily colour

        Hello! Thank you for the opportunity to ask a question here! If you have a few moments, I have a burning question that I have been trying to resolve this summer! ...

  • Plant identification

        I have been trying to find out what this plant is. It is growing north of Cobourg Ontario in a sunny location which is very dry and sandy soil. The flowerheads are ...

  • Lilies

    What type of lily is this?  

  • Roses

    New rose bush lots oh buds seems happy enough except when buds almost blooming they droop their heads. They are watered in good sunny spot

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