• Lilies

    What type of lily is this?  

  • Roses

    New rose bush lots oh buds seems happy enough except when buds almost blooming they droop their heads. They are watered in good sunny spot

  • When can I transplant Hostas ?

    I have three small hosta plants, and one very large one ┬áthat really needs to be moved. When is the best time to transplant them and how should I do it?      

  • Peony needs trimming

    My daughter recently purchased a home which has a very large peony bush beside the front porch. It is not caged or supported so is overgrowing the front steps. How and when can I safely cut this back to recover ...

  • Bleeding Heart

    Is it ok to cut it down after flowering or should I wait for it to die back? Just wondering if it's like a bulb, where the foliage should be left to nourish the roots. Thx!

  • Never owned a garden – help with a very small plot please!

    We have purchased a condo with a small garden area. Over the summer plants have grown but we're unsure of what they are and the area looks very messy. The stone slabs are also receding into the soil. We receive ...

  • mystery plant

    I have a very tall mystery plant that was part of the garden when we moved into our house. I dug it up one year and ended up with three plants ...

  • Peony

    Can someone tell me what's wrong with this peony bush? It was planted by a previous owner and is unfortunately stuck beside a 10 foot cedar hedge. Someone said it's mildew ...

  • Best Time to Divide Perennials

    I have always divided and moved my perennials in the spring as I worried about the frost popping the plants out of the soil if they were divided or moved in the fall. Is this faulty thinking? When is the ...

  • Conopholis americana – Squawroot

    I was up in Collingwood and found this plant. Can you identify it for me?

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