• Big-root geranium / cranesbill

    At the Home & Garden Show I got some excellent advice from a master gardener at a MGO booth about several plant choices for a difficult shady area (short strip adjoining interlocking patio, and with tree roots running through it). ...

  • Growing from seeds indoors

    I planted several varieties of perennial flower seeds indoors in containers containing sphagnum. Some seeds have reached the true leaf stage and I now want to transfer them to potting up pots made of biodegradable material. Should I use sphagnum ...

  • Ivy

    What kind of Ivy is growing on the exterior of Havergal private school in Toronto?

  • Spring Surprise in Toronto

    Hello, I had issues last year with little munchers of the insect variety in the garden; first, they left little holes in the leaves of the sweet potato vines; then they moved on to the leaves of the echinacea flowers leaving ...

  • where to buy plants to complement bamboo screen

    We'd like to create a privacy screen and would like to use bamboo (Phyllostachys) to achieve that effect. Can you recommend any shrubs/trees/grass that would complement the bamboo? Thank you.  

  • Climbing plant for trellis/pergola on balcony

    Hi, I am moving to a row townhouse in May located in Mississauga (Zone 6a) with a walk out balcony having a trellis/pergola type structure (pic attached) on it facing North. The floor of the balcony is wooden. What kind of ...

  • Plants that will survive sunflower seed hulls’ toxicity

    My feeder hangs in a lawn of mostly white clover. Is there a perennial, especially a ground cover, that would survive the toxic effect of sunflower seed hulls? If not, is there any other perennial that would do so?  

  • Perennials

    In your experience, what are the best perennials to buy that withstand all temperatures and weather. I plan to buy perennials that are planted in the spring. Thank you!

  • Perennial Lavander

    Hello, Lavender is one of my favourite herbs. Is there a variety that is hardy enough to be a perennial in Toronto? What about in the Muskoka region - would love to plant some that will also come back year after ...

  • Asclepias tuberosa

    I've tried 7 times to establish this in my garden - from seeds, to purchases from very reputable nurseries, they never make it to spring. Everyone else - buddleia, echinops, monarda, etc, is happy to grow and prosper in my ...

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