• Lavender plants

    Hi ... I purchased a very small 2" lavender plant in June, planted it in my backyard, and it has grown.  I live up north on Lake Simcoe.  Should I dig it up and put it in a pot and ...

  • Ornamental Cabbages and Chrysanthemums

    I would like to know how long the ornamental cabbages and mums stay in the garden.  I would like to transplant them from the urns to the ground.  We live in the Don Mills and Finch area of Toronto. Thanks

  • fall cleanup re. black eyed susans

    I was wondering if it's better to cut black eyed susans right down to the ground in the fall or to only cut down, say, up to 6" or so from the ground. Thanks for any insight that might be ...

  • Tree Peonies

    I am new to growing peonies and want to clarify whether I planted my Itoh too close to the surface. It was done very early in the spring and the plant was just showing a few leaves coming from the ...

  • Butterfly/bee gardens

    Would conditions in a small churchyard in downtown Toronto be suitable to attract butterflies and bees? The space faces north, is bordered by buildings on three sides and a busy road on the fourth, and gets about 3-4 hours of ...

  • Hostas

    Apparently, grass will grow until the soil temperature is at least 1 C. If a hosta loses it's leaves to frost but the soil temperature of the soil is greater than 1 C, will the hosta roots continue to develop?

  • Bleeding Heart

    I had a bleeding heart for years with no problems but the new one I planted in the spring seems to have died right down to the ground. Will it come back in the spring? What might have cause this to ...

  • Zebra Grass

    Wondering about how invasive Zebra grass is in the garden. Also, question about garden design principals.

  • Creating a More Compact Autumn Joy Sedum

    As the result of the wind and rain, some of my Autumn Joy Sedums have their panicles parted from the others as the result of being top heavy. This creates an unattractive display. The same happens to my mums when ...

  • Invasive tiger lilies – how to get rid of them?

    Hi.  I have a real problem in removing tiger lilies, which are invasive even under even under patio stones.  

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