• Bearded iris not returning after one year

    I planted two bearded iris two years ago, and one last year. None of them have come up this year. What could be the problem? Should I try again with new plants?

  • Reviving Rhododendrons

    I have an area sandy , moist to dry soil half day sun more shade and are planting rhododendrons  My question is the plants are looking tired( and were recently purchased from a nursery at a discount) and leaves are ...

  • Dealing with dry shade

    I have a ravine type back yard. Three levels. The third level is very shady and dry. There is one very big tree, probably over 50 years and one pine tree. It grows lots of weeds. What should I do ...

  • Ferns for shade and loamy soil

    I am looking for ferns that thrive in mostly shade, in loam. Could you tell me what variety I need and where I can buy them in Toronto?  

  • Erigeron compositis and Erigeron leiomerus

    I just purchased these two rock garden plants which understand prefer high altitudes. Can you advise where I should site them - they are in appropriate soil, but how much sun can they tolerate, and what kind of moisture situations?

  • Eremurus

    If I plant this strange 'fat spider' root (eremurus) in Toronto: 1. How deep do I plant it ? 2. Do I have to leave the shoot exposed to the sunlight (I have read this on the internet) ? 3. How do I ...

  • identify a plant

    Please identify the plant in this picture - I think its a Yucca - which one?  

  • Name of plant

    Hello there. I purchased a beautiful Hellebore at Toronto Botanical's plant sale on Friday but the plant did not have a tag. I would love to know the name. Thank you

  • When can I transplant bloodroot, Ontario native plant?

    My bloodroot plant bloomed beautifully this spring but it is too close to another plant. When can I move it?

  • How to start?

    I would like to grow veggies in the wood box, and have a flower bed on a slope, and along the long edge of our lot. My backyard faces east, with lots of sunshine all day. The soil is dry. Your advice ...

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