• deer in the garden

    What is an effective repellent for deer who come up from the ravine and nip off flower buds and the tops of budding plants?

  • rabbit dirt

    wE HAVE RABBITS from TIME TO TIME AND THEY EAT AWAY AT PLANTS, BUT THIS YEAR after long winter we have so much rabbit dirt in flow beds. Is this harmful to soil and how can we avoid this

  • Orchid infected with virus?

    What is wrong with my orchid? Orchid leaf is limp with large brown/black spots on a yellowish portion of leaf. Leaf is gradually turning brownish from green.  

  • Black Vine Weevils and nutrition for plants

    I live in a condo Toronto with a south facing balcony garden that has very large potted plants. My garden has a problem with Black Vine Weevils who show up late in spring and completely destroy all of my plants. How ...

  • Winter damage to roses

    My roses are in a very sunny location.I live in Collingwood ON. Soil is loam. The roses were covered by at least 5 feet of snow. I checked them yesterday and every stem is nibbled off right to the base. How do ...

  • Marigolds being eaten

    Hello, Are you able to assist me with a question regarding marigolds? Last summer I put marigolds in planters and they did very well except for the fact that some type of animal was eating the blooms. I would go out in the ...

  • Rabbits eating bushes outside.

    This winter was harsh and the rabbits had no food here in forest ontario.  Our 2 bushes, I believe they are called Burning Bushes as they turn red in the fall.  They have been partially eaten.  Can I or should I ...

  • Spider plant Scale

    I was advised to use diluted alcohol on my spider plant to rid it of scale. Does it matter whether I use 50% or 70% alcohol?                

  • Ruined lawn?

    As the snow and ice recede from the front lawn, we are noticing white wispy silky patches.  I assume it is snow mould. If I'm right, is the lawn ruined?

  • Scale

    How should I go about getting rid of scale on my euonymus plant? I'm pretty certain it is scale. Should I start treating it now while it is still cool outside. Or should I wait until it warms up more? ...

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