• Winter damage to roses

    My roses are in a very sunny location.I live in Collingwood ON. Soil is loam. The roses were covered by at least 5 feet of snow. I checked them yesterday and every stem is nibbled off right to the base. How do ...

  • Roses for a beginner

    I have no experience with roses and I would like them in my front garden surrounding a blue spruce. Is there a variety that is rich in colour, has lots of blooms, and is easy to maintain?

  • Rose collars.

    I live in West Toronto.  I used rose collars and mulch to protect my roses last Fall.  The soil is sandy and I can dig in a spade depth near the roses.  When should I remove the mulch?

  • Roses – black spot prevention with dormant spray

    Hello, every year my rose leaves develop black spots. I am careful with my watering and remove the diseased leaves and also feed my roses during the summer. I would like to take steps to prevent the start of black ...

  • Growing indoor miniature roses: humidity

    I probably didn't choose the best plant for a valentine's gift during winter, by purchasing half a dozen miniature roses from a big box grocery store. Can they survive if I keep them misted by hand, and near a window, in ...