• Native milkweed seeds available?

    Hi, I would like to purchase some Native Milkweed seeds to give to someone in Muskoka region for the holidays. Is this available anywhere in Toronto now?  

  • Separating gladiolus bulbs

    I have just taken bulbs from my garden that are part of the Gladiolus family. I need to know before I put them away for the winter if I am supposed to separate the bulbs now or when I go ...

  • Blooming times for daffodils and tulips

    Hello, I'm hoping you can provide me with some information about blooming times for daffodils and tulips in outdoor flower gardens in Toronto. Specifically, when do daffodils typically start blooming (is it mid-April?) in Toronto? And when do they stop blooming? Secondly, when ...

  • agapanthus

    Is it appropriate to put Agapanthus under grow lights in the winter? if not, would a dark place in the basement (which is quite warm) be better?

  • Invasive tiger lilies – how to get rid of them?

    Hi.  I have a real problem in removing tiger lilies, which are invasive even under even under patio stones.  

  • Planting seeds from red berried tree

    I have acquired some seeds from a shrub or a tree that has red berries.  I brought them home as decoration.   I see there are seeds in the berries. I’d ...

  • Harvesting Seeds

    Can seeds be harvested after a frost? How "ripe" should the seeds be?

  • When to plant Calendula seeds

    When should I plant calendula seeds, in the spring or the fall?

  • Daylily Seedlings – Next Steps in Fall

      I decided that I would try to sprout seeds in some soil – daylily seeds.  For a while I wondered whether they were good, because nothing was coming. 

  • Overwintering some plants

    Hello, I have some plants I would like to keep for next summer but have limited space and light in my house. Is there such a place that I can bring some plants during the winter months? The plants are hibiscus ...

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