• Starting a container garden for veggies

    Hi! I have a sunny backyard in west end Toronto that is mostly covered in gravel and grass-- I would like to start up a veggie garden in containers. I was hoping to start from seeds but I think I ...

  • Tomato plants grown from seed

    My tomato leaves are getting too large . Can you cut them back? Not talking about suckers.

  • What is this plant? Grape hyacinth

    Spring flower- very small bluebell like flowers. What are they? I was given a small pot of these flowers.

  • Tomato seed issues

    When my mom died I inherited her seeds, including ones for an unknown variety of beefsteak tomatoes that she and my dad had grown for years. These are seeds she had ...

  • Can I plant my cannas, callas and dahlias now?

    Although I usually wait until May, I'm wondering if I can plant my canna, calla and dahlia bulbs now, since the weather is so warm.    

  • Spring Surprise in Toronto

    Hello, I had issues last year with little munchers of the insect variety in the garden; first, they left little holes in the leaves of the sweet potato vines; then they moved on to the leaves of the echinacea flowers leaving ...

  • School Project help

    Hello, I am a high school student currently planning to grow food in my backyard as a school assignment. I would just like to get some advice with planting 8 plants including raspberries, arrowhead carrots, sugary tomatoes, rover radish, sunberries, ...

  • Transplanting bulbs

    Hi, I've always struggled with bulbs, but my mom died 14 months ago, and now I have nobody to defer to. I would like to start putting down bulbs that are already flowering (ie: in a pot at Home Depot) at the ...

  • over wintering seedlings

    i have been very successful in propagating seedlings from pods that i collected from a neighborhood kentucky coffee bean tree but i have been singularly unsuccessful in getting them through the winter. my question is: what have i done incorrectly?

  • Asclepias tuberosa

    I've tried 7 times to establish this in my garden - from seeds, to purchases from very reputable nurseries, they never make it to spring. Everyone else - buddleia, echinops, monarda, etc, is happy to grow and prosper in my ...

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