• I would like to buy maple tree seeds, and how do I grow them?

    I'm looking for maple tree seeds that will grow year-round.  Thank you for your help.  

  • Please help

    Hello, Please help me in identifying this plant (See attached picture). Also, can dalias been grown from seed? Thank you.

  • Why didn’t my irises bloom?

    A gorgeous section in my south facing garden/front lawn in mid-town Toronto has about 20 tall purple irises. For about 7 years they always bloomed. Last year, only a few flowers bloomed.This year, despite healthy looking tall green shoots that ...

  • Sowing Seeds in June!

    First time gardener! I just bought my first plant (lavender) and a big bag of triple mix as suggested at the store. I found some seeds a friend gave me years ago and I want to know what would be ...

  • Light requirements for seeds

    How much sunlight does a flower that you are growing need?

  • Castor Bean Seeds or Plants

    Where can I buy castor bean seeds or plants?

  • Where can I get solid colored tall phlox seeds?

    Perennial in blues or pinks or reds, tall, solid colored. Thank you.

  • Red Perilla (Perilla frutescens)

    I'm looking for Red Perilla. I'd like to know if you have it. If you have it, please let me know how much it is. Thanks.

  • Vegetable Gardening in Containers

      1.When should I be sowing peas, carrots and lettuce and how long can I expect them to be productive into the summer in Toronto.? 2. Can you suggest a few good quality gardening stores in Toronto and North York? 3. Can you ...

  • Native Plants

    Hi there, I was just wondering where I can get seeds for the native plants in Toronto.  I am looking for some free sources as my budget is very limited.  I am open to paying for some as well. Thank you,  

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