• Planting Forced Daffodils and Hyacinth in the Garden

    I was given some forced daffodils and hyacinth bulbs and was wondering, now that they have finished blooming if they can be planted back into the garden or should I throw them out. Will they re-bloom?

  • Where can I buy Begonia bulbs in Toronto?

    I am looking for begonia bulbs, but I can't find any in my local garden centres. Where can I buy them?

  • Classroom garden

    To whom it may concern, I am a teacher in toronto and would like to start a classroom garden; something I could get kids involved in. I would use pots and would like edibles and flowers that would be ready by ...

  • Stockists for Organic Vegetable Seeds

    Could you please give me some contact addresses around Toronto from where I can buy organic vegetable seeds? Thanks,

  • Tulips: Chilling for spring planting

    Hello, I'd like to plant tulips, and perhaps other spring blooming bulbs, but I didn't do it in the fall. Can I plant tulip bulbs in containers now,for this spring and keep them in the garage until it warms up? And ...

  • Growing milkweed

    Hi .... Last year I noted milkweed plants placed in some borders at the TBG and want to do the same in the gardens at our small co-ownership building. I have seeds, but it seems they are difficult to germinate. Do ...

  • Elephant Ear plants

    Years ago I purchased 2 elephant ear plants from a local garden centre. Today I have approximately 20 some odd plants, that have done very well in my pond over the summer. Each fall, I bring them indoors, to allow ...

  • Native milkweed seeds available?

    Hi, I would like to purchase some Native Milkweed seeds to give to someone in Muskoka region for the holidays. Is this available anywhere in Toronto now?  

  • Separating gladiolus bulbs

    I have just taken bulbs from my garden that are part of the Gladiolus family. I need to know before I put them away for the winter if I am supposed to separate the bulbs now or when I go ...

  • Overwintering Caladium Bulbs

    How can I save my caladiums as I have no space to store them indoors.  I tried to bring them indoors but by the time spring comes around they are all dried up.  Is there anywhere I could save the ...

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