• Vegetable Gardening in Containers

      1.When should I be sowing peas, carrots and lettuce and how long can I expect them to be productive into the summer in Toronto.? 2. Can you suggest a few good quality gardening stores in Toronto and North York? 3. Can you ...

  • Native Plants

    Hi there, I was just wondering where I can get seeds for the native plants in Toronto.  I am looking for some free sources as my budget is very limited.  I am open to paying for some as well. Thank you,  

  • Where can I find seeds for this vine?

    A gardener at Rosetta Maclain identified a burgundy leafed vine as "Mina Lobeta" and said the city grows them from seed in their greenhouse. Where can I get some seeds?

  • Japanese Maples

    Hi there, I'm wondering where in Toronto I could buy seeds for Japanese Maple trees within the next week (early February) in Toronto? Thanks

  • Mint seeds

    Would you happen to know where I can purchase spearmint seeds? Preferably in the Toronto area or at least within Canada. I need to find seeds for mint with the scientific name Mentha arvensis. thanks

  • Germinating and growing shade and part shade seedlings

    Do I need grow lights to grow the seedlings of such plants as pansies, browalia, lobelia, larkspur and sweet william? I would otherwise just put them on an east facing windowsill with foil below and behind them. I’m just wondering ...

  • Looking to buy some plant seeds

    Hi there. I was just wondering where I would be able to find some daucus carota seeds in Toronto. Your help would be most appreciated. Thank you so much.

  • Question regarding indoor vegetable gardening

    Hi, I am new in gardening. I just bought a grow light system. I not sure what kind of soil and fertilizer should I buy for the vegetables. Since the weather is getting cold even I couldn't find small vase and ...

  • How do we keep squirrels from eating our tulip bulbs?

    We want to plant a bed of about 200 tulips this fall, and have heard that there's something that can be sprinkled around the bulbs to keep the squirrels from digging them up. We live in Toronto and have a ...

  • preparing locust seeds for planting

    Could you please inform me as to the proper procedures in the germination of locust tree seeds. These seeds are dark brown and about the size of a large apple seed. For example, should they be scarified; should they be ...

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