• Ant infestation

    My lawn which is very thin (newly seeded) is covered in sand. The ants appear to building nests and are digging out the sand. This is the first time I have seen this problem. The ants are very tiny and ...

  • Raccoons & Vegetables & Soil!

    Hi there - I have a vegetable garden on my deck in Toronto. I have a number of big pots planted with vegetables of all kinds, like tomatoes, onion, chard, kale, and various salad greens. We have a male raccoon that ...

  • How To Make Bone Meal Tea

    Today I plucked a couple of small unripe tomatoes from the vines, and at the garden store had it confirmed that my fruits had blossom end rot. I guess this is occurring because of all the recent rain Toronto has ...

  • Can I grow lavender in a container on the wall of my balcony?

    Can I grow lavender in a container on the wall of my balcony?  If so, what type of soil should I use?

  • Moths and worms in blood meal

    I recently bought a bag of blood meal from a local hardware store. When I opened the bag I noticed immediately that there were live moths inside and some small worms. Being a novice gardener and not having used blood ...

  • Is leaf compost safe for my garden?

    I have been spreading leaf compost on my allotment garden but one of the other gardeners told me that leaf compost is too harsh and will burn my plants! Is this true?

  • Compost tea injection

    Need someone to do compost tea injection to four maple trees in Burlington

  • Fertilizing cedar hedges

    Hello, I am preparing to fertilize my cedar hedges, for the first time, and need an advice from an expert. I have two different generations of cedar hedges: a line of 15 years old cedars, which is around 15 feet high, ...

  • Problems with avocado plant

    Hello! I grew my avocado plant from a pit just over a year ago. It lives in an apartment with north facing windows – not the best, but it was growing well. It was potted just before winter, and I water ...

  • Using sharp sand to prevent moss

    Where do you buy sharp sand in Toronto? What is it labelled? I have moss growing in my garden . Will sharp sand help? What else should I do?

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