• Hydrangea – Blooming, Growing, Pruning

    Having several issues with my hydrangeas . One was planted 2 years ago, has grown well with very healthy looking foliage but has never bloomed Another planted at the same time in the same bed will not grow. This bed is west ...

  • Overwintering some plants

    Hello, I have some plants I would like to keep for next summer but have limited space and light in my house. Is there such a place that I can bring some plants during the winter months? The plants are hibiscus ...

  • Tree Identification?

    Can anyone identify this small tree? Found on shores of eastern Lake Onto. - has irregular small apple size fruit with alternate compound leaf - looks like Sumac but Sumac leaves are compound opposite leaflets and not as dark green.

  • Ants in a Willow Tree

    We have a giant willow tree on our front lawn. It has been there 50 years. We like it because it gives our property character. We usually get it trimmed every 5 years. This year we noticed the bark was ...

  • oakleaf hydrangea not blooming

    My Oakleaf Hydrangea bloomed last year but this year I see no blooms at all.  I am in Toronto.  It gets about three to four hours of afternoon sun each day.

  • Patmore Ash dying?

    I live in zone 1 and I've had a Patmore Ash for ten years and this spring it did not produce leaves but has multiple suckers with lots of leaves.  Is it dying?

  • Brown /rust on leaves of my hydrangea

    I have brown/rust marks on the leaves of my hydrangea.  It is three years old and in a sunny location.  Do you have any ideas what I can do chemically or naturally to remedy this?

  • Chanticleer ornamental pear

    I was told by my landscape designer that chanticleer pears have started having a problem with disease in the Toronto area.  This was told to me August 2014.  Now I live in Cobourg and would like to put them in ...

  • cedar hedge

    Hi There, I was wondering if you could help me out.  We have beautiful cedar hedges in our backyard (on our property).  Our neighbours hired someone to trim some branches on their side.  Well, lets just say they removed all branches.  ...

  • I would like to buy maple tree seeds, and how do I grow them?

    I'm looking for maple tree seeds that will grow year-round.  Thank you for your help.  

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