• pruner

    What good quality pruning tool would you recommend for: 3 beginning maple trees, Uki Gumo, Beni Shichihenge, very small Hana Matoi, Dwarf Hinoki Cypress, Cornus Prairie Fire, 1 old lilac and a young climbing hydrangea. Thank you.

  • Emerald cedars, do they really need to be wrapped for winter?

    Do Emerald cedars need to be wrapped for winter?

  • How to care for & maintain a coniferous tree?

    Hi there, My husband and I recently bought our first home in North York (Toronto).  It is a townhouse in the Don Mills & York Mills area.  We have a small yard in the back of our unit that we have ...

  • Trees which can still be planted now

    I would like to purchase a tree for my daughter for her new house, is it too late to plant now?   If it's not too late, what is available please?

  • Hally Jolivette Cherry

    Hi, I am wondering if anybody had successfully grown Hally Jolivette Cherry in Toronto.  I noticed that it should be hardy enough, but its distribution in US is way south of the border.

  • Ugly brown spots on oak leaves, I think it is galls of some kind

    I would like to chop up some oak leaves and use as mulch in the Rhodo... acidic bed, but with lots of the leaves covered with brown spots, will I be spreading a disease?

  • Leaves with Tar Spot

    I have a maple tree with black spots on the leaves. Should I rake up the leaves and get rid of them or can I leave them on the garden and use as mulch?

  • Damaged juniper

    I have a question for a tree expert who is a Master Gardener. I have a tall Juniper that's about 14 years old. Last winter there was a lot of winter burn. Some of it has come back but how ...

  • Winter Protection for Japanese Maple

    Last year I was advised to put mulch around my Japanese maple to protect it over winter.  It seemed to succeed. This year I am going to do the same thing but when should I apply the mulch? Before or ...

  • False Spirea with buds

    My false spirea has buds on it! I live in zone 3. I was just going to prune it back to the ground because we have to pile snow in it's area and that will break the branches. But it ...

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