• Landscaping Plants Under a mature White Pine

    Please advise on what plants - shrubs, flowers and groundcovers are recommended for planting under a mature white pine.

  • Medium height coniferous tree, for Toronto

    I am thinking about adding a couple of coniferous tree to my back yard for all-year interest and considering "Fat Albert" Colorado spruce, "Taylor Sunburst" pine, "Dragon Eye" pine or Pinus Nigra "Nana". Are there any pine particular diseases that ...

  • Amur Privet Shrub

    Hi, We have a greenhouse business in Manitoba. Customers have been asking about the Amur Privet Shrub, and would like to know if it is hardy here. Could you please let us know if it is, and if so, could you ...

  • Swamp Cedars in Winter

    Is it normal for swamp cedars to get thinner in the winter? We have a row of swamp cedars at the back of our backyard that looks thinner than in the summer/fall (i.e. I can see through them when before ...

  • Planting Cedars

    I would like to plant cedars (for privacy) between my fence and the patio beside our pool. How much room (i.e. depth) do you need from the pool patio to the fence to be able to plant a row of ...

  • No fruit on my apple tree in my back yard !

    Hello, I live in the Victoria Park and Danforth area of Toronto. About 7, or 8, years ago I planted an apple tree, not sure what variety, but it produces very few blossoms, and practically no fruit. I also planted ...

  • Peony shrubs in winter

    I live in Toronto. Do peony shrubs need to be covered in winter with burlapor can they be left to the elements?    

  • Yew Hedge Plants

    Is it possible to buy bare-root or small seedlings of either Hick's or Hill's yew plants for a hedge? Are they available in Canada by mail order or direct purchase in either Ontario or Quebec? Planting site conditions are sun-dappled ...

  • Pruning Cornus kousa

    When should I prune my large Cornus kousa shrubs?

  • Pruning Globe Cedars

    My globe cedars in TX are 20 feet tall. How do I prune/ trim them?

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