• Peony shrubs in winter

    I live in Toronto. Do peony shrubs need to be covered in winter with burlapor can they be left to the elements?    

  • Yew Hedge Plants

    Is it possible to buy bare-root or small seedlings of either Hick's or Hill's yew plants for a hedge? Are they available in Canada by mail order or direct purchase in either Ontario or Quebec? Planting site conditions are sun-dappled ...

  • Pruning Cornus kousa

    When should I prune my large Cornus kousa shrubs?

  • Pruning Globe Cedars

    My globe cedars in TX are 20 feet tall. How do I prune/ trim them?

  • Best Birch Trees for Toronto

    Hello, I'm interested to plant a few multistem birches in my property. I like them for their interesting exfoliating bark and light canopy. Since I want to plant a few of them I can't plant large varieties. I would like to ...

  • Plant ID – Tree philodendron and care for potted evergreen

    Please I.D. this plant and advise how to care for it, along with the tiny Blue Spruce (I think it's a Blue Spruce!) that I planted this summer. It lived on the balcony till the cool weather came. I'm in downtown ...

  • Cottony Scale on Hills Yew

    Hill's yew question. The tree has little white balls about 2mm on the branches. Is this normal?

  • Winter Dieback in Evergreen

    Our Eastern Red Cedar (at least we think that's what it is :) is about 12 years old. After the last winter, the bottom branches, as well as the side closest ...

  • Camellia Japonica

    Do you sell the camellia japonica shrubs and if so how much?

  • Ailanthus

    Can it be burnt for fire wood? Or is it that unsafe?

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