• cedar hedge

    Hi There, I was wondering if you could help me out.  We have beautiful cedar hedges in our backyard (on our property).  Our neighbours hired someone to trim some branches on their side.  Well, lets just say they removed all branches.  ...

  • I would like to buy maple tree seeds, and how do I grow them?

    I'm looking for maple tree seeds that will grow year-round.  Thank you for your help.  

  • box hedge protection

    I live in west Toronto. The soil is very sandy. Last year I took 90 box cuttings, 89, of which, rooted and survived the winter indoors. I planted them out in Spring to form a clipped hedge around a flower ...

  • Propagation of stag horn sumac

    We live in Oakville and have a beautiful sumac that has a couple of suckers. Can I separate these suckers and move them to another location in our backyard?

  • Dying Cherry Tree

    Hello, Thanks for taking time to read my message. I live in Toronto and have a cherry tree in my backyard. We had the blossom this spring, but it didn't go as well as last year, perhaps because of the unseasonally cold ...

  • chokecherries

    are these chokecherries, or some other type of bush? growing on an island in Georgian bay. thx v. much.

  • Carolinian Paw Paw

    Interested in the carolina paw paw tree can you grow them here. I have gotten some conflicting infor. some say you need two trees to fruit other says no. Would love your opinion. thanks

  • Emerald Cedar foliage eaten by deer

    We live in Kingston, Ontario and had a very long and cold winter marked by freezing rain and snow. Next door is a conservation area where many deer live. They were lacking sufficient food given the winter condition and ventured ...

  • Weeping Crimson Queen Japanese Maple with lots of dead branches

    I live in Toronto and I do not know if my eight year old Weeping Crimson Queen Japanese Maple is dead or alive. We wrap it in burlap over the winter but the ice storm must have affected it. For ...

  • Overwintering Hardy Camellias in Toronto

    Hi, I bought several hardy camellias (2 ft to 5 ft) this Spring. I planted them in the pots for now. Do you have any suggestions to overwinter them in Toronto? BTW, I saw there are lots of flower buds now. Thanks ...

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