• Berries

    Saw this berry bush.. What is it?

  • Plant id – Ajuga or bugleweed

    Can you please tell me the name of this plant?  I saw this in Toronto near Eglinton and Bayview Avenues.  It looks like a nice ground cover so I also wanted to know how durable this plant is?

  • Plant id – Variegated Solomon’s seal

    Can you kindly help me identify these leaves?

  • Please help identify the plant

    Hi, I’m new to gardening and has just moved in to a new house. Appreciate if you could help me identify this plant so that I know how to take care of it. Thanks in advance.    

  • Plant Identification 03

    We bought a house in December. The man who flipped the house decided to chop down the entire front hedging/shrubs that bordered the front. Some have started to grow back, and I assume they are actually proper shrubs rather than…

  • Ivy and Virginia creeper

    What kind of Ivy is growing on the exterior of Havergal private school in Toronto?…

  • Never owned a garden – help with a very small plot please!

    We have purchased a condo with a small garden area. Over the summer plants have grown but we’re unsure of what they are and the area looks very messy. The stone slabs are also receding into the soil. We receive…

  • can you identify this?

    can you identify this? is there any more information i should give? thanks…

  • What is this bush called?

    We have a large rounded shaped bush on our property. It has a variegated leaf but is mostly a light white/grey. It has a soft look to it. It’s appears to be overgrown and I believe it was incorrectly pruned…

  • What is this fine green bush called?

    This bush has branches ranging from 2′-8′ long and is covered with a very fine and soft green leafs. Can you tell me what it is?…

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