• Tomatoes

    Hello, Are you able to help me identify the type of this tomatoe variety? Thank you,

  • Mystery plant

    Please help me to identify this plant.  I live in southwestern Ontario.  I have scoured the internet but cannot find this plant anywhere.  See attached picture.  …

  • yew

    There is an old yew at the house I bought, growing in full sun.  It is already ~2.5 m high and about 6 ft wide.  The new shoots in spring are very bright green and at least 10” in height,…

  • Milkweed

    Is it to late (July 7) to plant milkweed? Can I by them already grown? I’d like them in what is now a pretty weedy area, so they would have to do a bit of hearty fighting……

  • Berries

    Saw this berry bush.. What is it?

  • Plant id – Ajuga or bugleweed

    Can you please tell me the name of this plant?  I saw this in Toronto near Eglinton and Bayview Avenues.  It looks like a nice ground cover so I also wanted to know how durable this plant is?

  • Plant id – Variegated Solomon’s seal

    Can you kindly help me identify these leaves?

  • Please help identify the plant

    Hi, I’m new to gardening and has just moved in to a new house. Appreciate if you could help me identify this plant so that I know how to take care of it. Thanks in advance.    

  • Plant Identification 03

    We bought a house in December. The man who flipped the house decided to chop down the entire front hedging/shrubs that bordered the front. Some have started to grow back, and I assume they are actually proper shrubs rather than…

  • Ivy and Virginia creeper

    What kind of Ivy is growing on the exterior of Havergal private school in Toronto?…

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