• Help identifying a plant in my garden

    I’m still getting to know my garden so I’d appreciate help identifying this plant that popped up all over my garden in may (see attached ). Since this photo purple a purple flower has bloomed on each plant with 4…

  • What is this plant?

    I live in East York, part of Toronto. clay; dry; full sun Currently this plant is 5 inches tall. I hope that I have attached a photo. Thank you! Jennifer

  • Species identification

    Hello: I bought this unnamed plant (from a local person’s garden) yesterday. We are in Zone 6a or 5b (borderline). Just wondering what species it is, please. Looks like mint leaves. Thanks!

  • Plant ID a tree in my garden

    I have some thing growing in my garden for 3 years, and it is almost 3 feet tall now. I am not sure what tree it is ?? Can you please help me check if this good to have,  or…

  • Indoor Plant Identity Cryptanthus

    I have had this plant for a while but do not know its name. It grows then splits apart which I stick in some soil and it continues to grow, flowering occasionally. Thank you

  • Identity of a bush

    I live in zone 3b or 4 in a rural setting. I found a flowering bush which probably was an old homestead site. I need help identifying it so I can propagate to have some on my own property. Thank…

  • Plant ID – Hellebore

    Hello: we purchased this plant at the Toronto Spring Gardening show a few years back. Can you tell me the type of plant and if we can divide it? We need to move it as we’re making a deck in…

  • Why Not Trillium as a National Flower?

    How was the choice of the three wild flowers for our national flower chosen? I cannot understand why Trilliums aren’t a choice. They are so beautiful and I consider them a part of my heritage along with wild roses. I…

  • Early spring flower arrivals Chionodoxa

    These pale blue beauties arrived in my garden a few seasons ago and are spreading nicely..I did not plant them..can you identify please?thank you

  • What is this plant? – Lesser celandine

    This plant returns year after year and is slowly taking over the entire backyard. We did not plant it, but inherited it with the house. It has a small bulb attached to the bottom of it. How can I get…

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