• Beechnut

    Hi! I found these seed pods all over my driveway and was wondering what they were/where they came from? I believe they came from the tree pictured, but we’ve never seen them before. We’ve lived in our house for 30…

  • Flower ID

    Can you tell me what the names of these flowers are please? Thank you _______________________

  • Plant ID

    Hello, Kindly assist in identifying this plant. Thank you, Lina.

  • Shrub ID Bush Honeysuckle

    What is this shrub? This small volunteer shrub is growing in my garden. Can you identify it? I have attached a photo. (Is it possible to send only photo? I was also surprised that photo did not show up below…

  • Plant ID

    This volunteer shrub is growing in my garden. I am hesitant to pull it out before I identify it. Any ideas what it is. See photographs Thanks

  • Plant ID- Coleus

    Please advise the full descriptive and botanical names of this plant which I noted during a recent visit to Edwards Gardens. Any help that you can provide will be sincerely appreciated. The plant in question is highlighted with an *…

  • Remove or Leave it?

    Hello! I found this plant growing in amongst my peppers and couldn’t identify it. Is not disrupting anything so I was going to let it continue to see what happens but I can’t for the life of my identify it.…

  • Wildflower Identification Helleborine

    Hello, While at the cottage on the weekend, I found a beautiful little flower. Actually, I found two. If I had to guess, I would say that it is some type of wild orchid, but I’m not certain. Do you…

  • Difference between Marshmallow and Hollyhock

    What is the difference between marshmallow and hollyhock? I found the pink flowering plant (photo attached), which I think may be a marshmallow, but I’m not sure. Is it a marshmallow or a hollyhock and how can one tell the…

  • Mystery Plant

    Can you identify this plant? It grows on a single, thick, green stalk, stands six feet tall and has begun to flower into what looks like a trumpet flower. Its leaves are large (12 inches plus) and maple shaped.