• Flower ID

    Can you tell me what the names of these flowers are please? Thank you _______________________

  • Plant ID

    Hello, Kindly assist in identifying this plant. Thank you, Lina.

  • Shrub ID Bush Honeysuckle

    What is this shrub? This small volunteer shrub is growing in my garden. Can you identify it? I have attached a photo. (Is it possible to send only photo? I was also surprised that photo did not show up below…

  • Plant ID

    This volunteer shrub is growing in my garden. I am hesitant to pull it out before I identify it. Any ideas what it is. See photographs Thanks

  • Plant ID- Coleus

    Please advise the full descriptive and botanical names of this plant which I noted during a recent visit to Edwards Gardens. Any help that you can provide will be sincerely appreciated. The plant in question is highlighted with an *…

  • Remove or Leave it?

    Hello! I found this plant growing in amongst my peppers and couldn’t identify it. Is not disrupting anything so I was going to let it continue to see what happens but I can’t for the life of my identify it.…

  • Wildflower Identification Helleborine

    Hello, While at the cottage on the weekend, I found a beautiful little flower. Actually, I found two. If I had to guess, I would say that it is some type of wild orchid, but I’m not certain. Do you…

  • Difference between Marshmallow and Hollyhock

    What is the difference between marshmallow and hollyhock? I found the pink flowering plant (photo attached), which I think may be a marshmallow, but I’m not sure. Is it a marshmallow or a hollyhock and how can one tell the…

  • Mystery Plant

    Can you identify this plant? It grows on a single, thick, green stalk, stands six feet tall and has begun to flower into what looks like a trumpet flower. Its leaves are large (12 inches plus) and maple shaped.

  • Vine ID

    I’ve seen a number of these around my neighborhood (central Toronto), and would like to plant one in the front, just on one side of my porch. What are these called, and are they available in garden centres ? My…