• Plant ID- Manitoba Maple

    I live in East York, part of Toronto. clay; dry; full sun Currently this plant is 5 inches tall. I hope that I have attached a photo. Thank you! Jennifer

  • Species identification

    Hello: I bought this unnamed plant (from a local person’s garden) yesterday. We are in Zone 6a or 5b (borderline). Just wondering what species it is, please. Looks like mint leaves. Thanks!

  • Plant ID a tree in my garden

    I have some thing growing in my garden for 3 years, and it is almost 3 feet tall now. I am not sure what tree it is ?? Can you please help me check if this good to have,  or…

  • Indoor Plant Identity Cryptanthus

    I have had this plant for a while but do not know its name. It grows then splits apart which I stick in some soil and it continues to grow, flowering occasionally. Thank you

  • Identity of a bush

    I live in zone 3b or 4 in a rural setting. I found a flowering bush which probably was an old homestead site. I need help identifying it so I can propagate to have some on my own property. Thank…

  • Plant ID – Hellebore

    Hello: we purchased this plant at the Toronto Spring Gardening show a few years back. Can you tell me the type of plant and if we can divide it? We need to move it as we’re making a deck in…

  • Why Not Trillium as a National Flower?

    How was the choice of the three wild flowers for our national flower chosen? I cannot understand why Trilliums aren’t a choice. They are so beautiful and I consider them a part of my heritage along with wild roses. I…

  • Early spring flower arrivals Chionodoxa

    These pale blue beauties arrived in my garden a few seasons ago and are spreading nicely..I did not plant them..can you identify please?thank you

  • What is this plant? – Lesser celandine

    This plant returns year after year and is slowly taking over the entire backyard. We did not plant it, but inherited it with the house. It has a small bulb attached to the bottom of it. How can I get…

  • Plant ID Aptenia

    Hi. I’m hoping you can identify my succulent plant for me. I rooted and grew a piece a few years ago and never knew the name. I put it out in the summer months and overwinter in my sunny south…