• Flower ID

    I don’t remember planting this flower, from seed or a cutting, but I have two big batches of it. It sort of looks like a defective coneflower but the foliage seems wrong. It is growing in full sun

  • Edible or Poisonous?

    Hello there – I’ve found these potential grapes/leaves growing in my backyard where I live in southeast Michigan. We’ve just moved here so I’m not sure if they were planted and intentional or if they are wild. They are growing…

  • Plant ID

    Hello and thank you for your help. I am submitting a second photo to a previously answered question titled “Plant ID: Water Parsnip, Sium Sauve” My leaves don’t seem to match Water Parsnip and none of the flowers have bracts.…

  • Tree Identification

    Some years ago I purchased a mountain ash which died after one year. I left the roots in the ground and this tree grew up. Can you identify this tree?

  • Rhododendron

    what kind of Rhododendron is this?

  • Uninvited Tall Plant with Lobed Basal Leaves

    This plant has shown up in my garden , starting last year. It grows in a clump like an echinacea. Stands about 24-30″ tall. What is it and should I let it stay?

  • Pink Japanese Climbing Hydrangea

    I bought a Pink Japanese Climbing Hydrangea at Sheridan a few years go. It’s doing well and growing up my trellis and pergola. it’s about 8-10 feet now. It’s blooming this year for the first time ….and it’s white! What…

  • Plant ID: Water Parsnip, Sium suave

    I am in Toronto and this plant is taking over my raspberry patch. It is about 4 feet tall looks like Queen Anne’s Lace from a distance but it does not have a “carrot looking” leaf. It is in a…

  • Plant ID

    Hi, can you identify this plant please. Is located in garden on property and cannot determine if a weed or friendly plant. Thanks.