Toronto Master Gardeners and Toronto Botanical Garden Launch 3rd Season of Urban Vegetable Gardening Courses

Saturday March 31st marked the first 2012 session of the 5-part urban vegetable gardening series developed in 2010 by Toronto Master Gardeners in partnership with Toronto Botanical Garden.

Toronto Master Gardeners Connie Hunter and Elizabeth Stewart are among the featured instructors for this program, which covers the five steps to successful and sustainable urban vegetable gardening — from planning your garden to harvesting and preparing for the next growing season.

Interested gardeners can sign up for individual sessions or the whole series. Each class in the series will have both outdoor and indoor components, and participants will leave each class with a container planted with seasonally appropriate herbs and vegetables. Classes are suitable for those with small balconies or large properties.

For more information or to register, visit the Toronto Botanical Garden web site.