Plant Identification


I have this plant that I have been trying to identify. It is surprisingly very sturdy. Sometimes it would go for weeks between waterings and yet it stays green. I keep it indoors in a room that gets light but not direct sun.

Thanks for your time.



Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

From the photo I believe you have a Spider plant, Chlorophytum comosum, a member of the lily family. Often you will see this plant with various patterns of leaf variegation. I can not tell if yours is all green or has a slightly lighter stripe down the center. The original plants were green  before people propagated the many types of hybrid variegated leaves.

Spider plants are very easy to care for and can tolerate dry spells and prefer indirect light. They do not have many issues with disease unless it becomes stressed. When you do water it make sure you run water through the soil and out through the drainage on the bottom to flush out any salt accumulation. Spider plants often need to be re-potted every other year once they are established. If the pot is looking crowded and is pushing up over the top you will need to consider a larger pot.

I have attached some links for you if you would like to do further reading.

1328 – Spider Plant