Pandanus veitchii



I have been writing to you for sometime now regarding my Pandanus Veitchii Plant. My big plant that I received in 2015 is still going strong. My three shoots I have had for two years were growing slow but good. Now I find that they are showing yellowing and brown leaf tips. I have had them in my boss’s office where they have flourished. I do not know what is going on with them. They are facing the west side. Should I take them from his window sill and place them under florescent lighting for the winter and then take them back to his office in the spring? I do not want to lose them as I have had them two years now.


I am glad that Toronto Master Gardeners have been of help.

The Pandanus veitchii plant likes fairly dry soil, is moderately drought tolerant, and grows well in containers with good loamy soil and good drainage.   If the leaf tips appear to be scorched, too much direct sunlight may be the cause.  Pandanus veitchii enjoy filtered light – bright but diffused.  Watering a little too often may also cause the leaves to develop yellow and brown tips, and can also lead to root diseases.  Brown leaf tips can also be caused by excess soluble salts, which can build up on the sides of clay pots.

Good luck with your plant.