pinky-winky tree form


Last fall my two year old pinky was attacked by a buck before I could surround the plant with a wire frame. He ripped off several lower branches and the shrub look lopsided and very sad. I decided to tidy up prior to winter and see what spring produced.
Hundreds of little sprouts appeared up the stock and I removed some of them. I decided to leave the rest until this fall or next spring in order to see the skeletal form before pruning. The problem is that I can’t find a photo of what a well pruned pinky sh could look like with no leaves. Can you help me out with advice re making pinky-winky look good? It is in bloom now with masses of flowers but still looks lop sided. Thanks for advice or best of all a photo of this plant in winter.


Hydrangea paniculata are the only hydrangeas that bloom exclusively on new wood so are best pruned in Spring as the new buds are emerging. Dead wood can easily be seen and removed as can spindly, weak branches.

The following question and answer, previously posed to the ASK team provides detailed information regarding pruning  your tree.

Pruning a hydrangea tree

The website contains a wealth of information about these beautiful plants.

I’m sure your pinky will be even more beautiful – and symmetrical -next year.