Aristolochia macrophylla: Dutchmans Pipe— where to buy? *


Always a recommended Native Vine but I can’t find where to buy it. Toronto resident


Thank you for writing with your query:

Dutchman’s Pipe, also commonly called Pipevine, is indeed a native Ontario plant, a woody vine that produces purple flowers in the summer. This robust vine can be readily recognized by its signature heart-shaped leaves. The plant’s overall speed of growth (great for patio arbours and quick privacy screens) borders slightly on the invasive, but can be kept ruly and healthy with a firm gardener’s hand.

Toronto Master Gardeners encourages our clients to research their needs and interests, and to be in contact directly with nursery retailers/wholesalers. If your local nursery didn’t have this vine, maybe you could try again in a few weeks, as most regional locations at this time of year (April) are receiving new stock daily. Toronto is favoured with many large, expert nurseries to the west, north and east, who, when contacted, would likely be very helpful in sourcing your Dutchman’s Pipe.

Wishing you a successful search, and thank you for writing!