A free place to garden— need help!


We have a property with a large garden (approx 800 sq ft) that a Neighbour was using for years to grow extra veggies, a friend was using to sell heirloom veggies to restaurants etc. This year no one is able to keep it up.

Would you know of any group or anyone that would want a large garden plot to use for themselves? It’s great soil, and wonderful sun exposure. It’s At the Caledonia and Eglinton area. Or if you recommend another group/board to post this to? Appreciate any help


Thank  you for your question concerning free use of your garden plot.  Please consider ensuring the proper use of the land that is your property and your own comfort with the responsibility of the group or individual  assuming the use.

A good contact to make for your generous offer is the following:



February 8,2021