A new small back garden


From the BC rain coast, loving wild, but new to Toronto, what are the prettiest water-sparing plants for a small long narrow, partial shade, informal garden in city centre?


Welcome to Toronto,

“Pretty” is such a subjective term, but if you’re looking for easy-care, drought-tolerant perennials for part shade, some of the toughest choices include big-root geranium (Geranium macrorrhizum) and epimedium. Both have spring flowers and dependable foliage, which can colour slightly in fall. The geranium is available in white, pink or magenta flowers, and the foliage is aromatic. Epimedium is available in a wide range of colour choices, depending on species and cultivar, from white through yellow, red, orange and mauve.

For other choices, you might find these links to our Toronto Master Gardener Gardening Guides useful:



Happy gardening!