Acer griseum


Hello. I am doing a presentation on the above tree and want to ask for help in identifying any cultivars or hybrids.



A lovely tree.  The species is notable for its the peeling, cinnamon-coloured bark, and leaves with three leaflets, and grey undersides.  The leaves are orange, yellow and deep green in the summon and red in autumn.

There appear to be very few hybrids, or cultivars, which are  distinguishable by the colour and shape of the leaves – a deeper green, or more yellowish – , and the fineness and texture of the bark.  Two hybrids are the hybrid acer griseum x acer nikoense “Cinnamon Flake” which has finer bark, and ‘Gingerbread’ a hybrid of acer griseum x acer nikoense ‘Ginnai”, distingishable by its oval leaves.

A detailed discussion of the hybrids is found in Cultivars of Woody Plants Volume 1 (A-G) 2007 by Laurence Hatch.