Acer Palmatum Disectum ‘Crimson Queen’


Can an Acer Palmatum dissectum Crimson Queen thrive on a terrace in a large planter – 13th floor in full sun in Toronto?


We are big promoters of balcony gardening, including the use of trees and shrubs. However, there are some things to consider. As you get higher up in the building, the “weather” is worse … colder and windier. So we normally recommend choosing plants that are good for one or two zones lower than our usual Zone 5. Landscape Ontario considers Crimson Queen good for Zone 6, so you would be taking a bit of a chance. Here is a link to their guide to Japanese Maples: Landscape Ontario.

Further, Japanese Maples prefer not to be in glaring midday sun … so if you could put the tree you select in a protected position, perhaps very close to the building wall, that would help.

Finally, here is a link to our response to another balcony gardener inquiring about growing Japanese Maple in a container, where you will find more helpful information.