African violet soil


I was propagating an african violet and had a plastic bag on it. The bag was removed, but now I have green mold on the soil. Is this a problem?


African violets need good air circulation and well draining soil. If you are overwatering your plants, or if you have a high humidity in your grow area, you may notice mould growing on the top of your soil. Mould requires organic material and moisture to grow, so you are providing the mould with a perfect environment.

Mould can be a concern to humans in the home and should not be allowed to grow. Extensive mould contamination may cause health problems

You can control the mould by controlling the amount of available moisture. If you let the first inch of soil completely dry in between waterings, than that alone will probably control any more mould outbreaks.Best idea is to remove all affected soil and replace with fresh soil, or better still, replant in special African violet soil. You may also want to consider a soil-less growing medium for propagation, which are much less likely to have problems with mould.

 For more in-depth information on propagating African violets see the following article by the African Violet Society of Canada: