Hi there,
I am confused about the flower called Alstroemeria – I often see it called Astrolmaria as well. However, when I try to find out more I am unable to determine if the second name is referring to exactly the same flower or not – it doesn’t appear in the dictionary. I am hoping you can help clear up my confusion.


The Peruvian Lily, or Lily of the Incas was once part of  lily family but is now in its own family, the Alstroemeriaceae family. Many people are familiar with this flower, as it is often grown in the floral trade for bouquets; favoured for its multi-colours and spotty flowers.  According to the Pacific Bulb society, it’s a fleshy rhizome native to South America.

There are several species, although  Alstroemeria psitticina seems to be most common here. Your confusion on spelling is understandable.  Alstroemeria is most common, though Alstromeria is considered synonymous.