I have an Amarylis that has only one leaf. How to I get it to produce more and to rebloom.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your questions regarding your amaryllis bulb. Based on your question, I am wondering whether your amaryllis bulb is currently indoors or outdoors. At this point in the summer, either location is fine.  If outdoors, the bulb will need to be brought indoors before there is any chance of frost.  It will be important to examine the single leaf for any visible signs of pests or disease as this would be important to rule out.  However, it may be that only a single leaf is left as bulbs can progress into dormancy in mid to late summer. If this is the case, you can begin to think about what the bulb will need to bloom again.  Your amaryllis bulb will need to be kept in a dark, cool (~ 15 degrees Celsius), dry place for 10-12 weeks.  A shed or basement can work well. Once this time period is finished, bring your plant to a warmer, brighter location.  Remove any dead leaves and resume watering and lightly fertilizing (making sure not to over water).   You will have to wait several more weeks until new buds appear.

An answer to a similar question on our website explains the process in more detail including care outdoors in the spring / summer Amaryllis reblooming.  You may also be interested in information from the University of Wisconsin found here.

July 28, 2021