Amaryllis blooms start to open and stop suddenly


Amaryllis started to bloom and then drooped within a day or two. There are four blooms. One did not even open and others are dying. What is wrong?



Something may have happened suddenly to the plant’s environment. Was there a drastic change in temperature? Was it just purchased and it suffered from the cold when brought home? Any evidence of a pest?

Normally amaryllis (Hippeastrum), a tropical/sub-tropical bulb, likes bright light with some direct sunlight during the active growth period. Warm room temperatures 70-75 degrees F encourage growth and bring it into bloom but too much heat will shorten the flowering period. Once it starts to bloom move it to a cooler room at night where it is 13-18 degrees C (55-65 degrees F) and keep out of direct sunlight during the day.

Let foliage die back naturally as bulb needs this to store up resources to bloom next year. Let soil dry out once leaves have died and store plant in a cool dry place for winter.

Thrips can cause a failure to bloom. Thrips are a sucking pest. Spray them with a blast of water. Insecticidal soap is another option to deal with thrips.

For further information on caring for this plant, please refer to the following website :