Amur Privet Shrub


We have a greenhouse business in Manitoba. Customers have been asking about the Amur Privet Shrub, and would like to know if it is hardy here. Could you please let us know if it is, and if so, could you let us know where we can purchase some.
Thank you


Hello from Ontario, and thank you for writing.

The specific Amur privet, Ligustrum amurense, you mention, is in the Family Oleaceae, and is a woody, deciduous shrub. There are several types of privet (Ligustrum spp.), and most grow at a fairly rapid rate. They are related to forsythia, lilac and jasmine. Privet prefer part shade to full sun, and slightly wet soil, tolerating a wide pH range. Because they establish quickly, and respond well to pruning, privets work very well as hedges, or topiary, in garden settings.

While Manitoba’s plant hardiness zones vary hugely from south to north, the Winnipeg, and surrounding area, where you’re established, is from a 3a to 4b zone. Privet performs best in zones 3-6. Also, the average growing season in South Central Ontario is 149 days, from May 9 to Oct. 6, while your season is one month shorter: 119 days, from May 25 to Sept 22. And so considering that privets grow fairly quickly, usually gaining around 2 feet of height, or more, in a single growing season, I would guess this would be a big bonus for your customers.

All the very best with your business venture, and please let us know how the privets grow !

Ligustrum amurense, is included on the Landscape Ontario listing of industry certified plants:

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And, for everyone’s interest, below is a link to a Printable PDF of the Plant hardiness zones in Canada: