Plant ID – Japanese anemone


This plant has been growing in a shaded corner in the back of the garden that we moved into last year. Today I noticed that it has bloomed. What a nice surprise!

Can you help me identify what it is? I have additional photos if that is of any assistance.

2015-08-01 11.48.01



Hello, a lovely surprise indeed as your plant looks to be a Japanese anemone.  A hybrid of Chinese anemone (Anemone hupehensis), these plants grow from thick tuberous roots.  These are wonderful plants to have in the garden as they start blooming just when everything else is on its way out.  I cannot tell from your photo, but Japanese anemone grows between 3 and 5 feet tall and bears fragile looking flowers in late summer or early fall.  There are many varieties of Japanese anemone, and even more of the species anemone which can range from spring flowering minis of only a few inches tall to the taller species which look like your plant.

They enjoy moist, humus rich soil in part shade. Here are a couple of articles that may help you narrow down exactly the variety of Japanese anemone you have welcomed to your garden.