Annabelle Hydrangea


I am in the Muskoka region near Parry Sound. Exposure of annabelle hydrangea plants is western. For some reason the blooms turned prematurely green. Please explain why.


Hello in Muskoka!

The ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea is one of the most rewarding hydrangeas to grow. As you’ve seen, they produce wonderful large, white blooms which turn green and then tan-coloured. This season started off unusually early and continued to be warm. As a result, many flowers bloomed earlier than usual, and I suspect your ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea produced its blooms earlier than in previous years, too. Generally, the flowers open green, then turn white, and after about two weeks, they turn green again, as you’ve seen. So, the blossoms might be turning green prematurely because they started flowering earlier than usual. To be sure, check with any of your neighbours who grow ‘Annabelle’ to see if their blooms are turning green now, too.

Now that they’re green, you might want to try drying them to decorate your rooms indoors. How To Dry Hydrangeas has some great tips for drying your flowers.

Enjoy your hydrangeas!